Analytics Courses in India – A Comparison

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  • Shafi

    Hello All,
    Thank you for giving such an insightful information about different colleges. However, can someone tell how is the course (Business Analytic and Business Intelligence) offered by IIM-Ranchi.

  • Manish

    Great Lakes Institute of management, Gurgaon has introduced a new specialization for its flagship PGPM (1 year full time program) in Business Analytics, in addition to the already offered specializations in Marketing, Finance and IT/Operations. The Business Analytics specialization will be focusing on the current market needs while equipping the students with the required knowledge and skill set.Some of the subjects taught in BA are :

    Business Analytics

    SAS for Analytics
    Business Intelligence

    Marketing and Retail Analytics

    Web and Social Media Analytics

    Risk and Fraud Analytics

    Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
    Applied Analytics in Industry Domains

  • SRN


    This is indeed a very good comparison interms of course details / cost / etc.

    I would love to see such comparison from elite universities of USA offering either MSBA or MSDA or Data Scientist degree.

    I am not sure on the career path of post certification course even if they are being offered from IIMS or ISB !!

  • gayathri

    can some one help with me feedback on Analytics course provided by IIM Ranchi ?

  • The cost of the courses is really high.

  • Suvadeep Basu

    Right now I am pursuing a data Analytics certification program from Ivy Pro Business school kolkata , I here by wanted to know that will this certification be enough for me to get a job as fresher analyst & later on with the Job ex increasing I can opt for the course by ISB ……..

    • Pankaj Singh

      Just have a look at Praxis Business School, Kolkata… Its has very good placement record with excellent faculties from IITs…The content of the course is vet rich !!!!

    • Rohit

      Suvadeep, their course content looks comprehensive. An institute’s reputation is based on their faculty members’ knowledge and experience. You’d be a better judge since you’re already enrolled there. I’d say focus on the learning, more than the certification. Certifications don’t land you jobs, your knowledge does.

  • Sandeep

    How good is Advance Institute of Analytics USA which has a 10 month full time programme and also would be good if you can compare the MSBA course by National University of Singapore.


  • Abhishek Joshi

    How we can apply for these courses at there respective places?

  • Ramki@digitalmarketinganalytics

    ISB seems good. There course is applied and cover key areas.