Top 10 Analytics Training Institutes in India – Ranking 2016

  • Aara Kapur

    These institutes are reputed but I would love to add 2 more institutes in your list 1st is Koenig solutions and 2nd is digital academy India.

    Both institutes are very reputed in all over India

  • Sandipan Bhattacharjee

    What about Bridge School of Management?

  • Anant

    Right kind of post I was finding. I have one question. If some of you have placed after the data analysis course mentioned above, what was the kind of hike you got. Suppose I am already a S/w developer with 5 to 7 years of experience and have a CTC of 10 L/ann. What kind of hike I can expect with such certification. If any of you could answer it will be of great help.

  • Really good stuff, This tutorial will help to student’s those are searching good analytics training Institute in India. I am sharing with you some other best analytics training Institute such as: Koenig Solutions, Manipal ProLearn, Digital Academy India, manipal global and others that you have forget to add in your list.

  • Sashi

    Happy to see Edvancer in this list. They are really good at training in analytics specially the faculty. I had a pretty good experience with their business analytics course and also got placed by them in a top IT company. It was a big shift for me career wise and without their help was finding it difficult.

  • Animesh Devarshi

    No doubt that Jigsaw Academy is the best analytics training institute in India. Case studies are great and the courses are application based NOT just theory.

  • Ram S

    I indeed had a good experience with Jigsaw Academy. I like that we got to work on actual business case studies which I think helped me have a better understanding. More specifically, it helped me get to know what actually goes on in the field and so it felt like I was already equipped to handle it easily once I started working. Special mention to the faculty and support teams. They made sure I finished the course without much issues.

    P.S. I took their Data Science with SAS course.

    • Ravikumar Mejari

      It would be better if you share about placement views also-

      Thank you,