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t jay glove
Moved By Her Son’s Suffering, Mother Invents AI-Powered Glove That Predicts Epileptic Seizures
Artificial Intelligence By Intel Creates A Promo Clip For Chinese Singer’s Song
By Granting Citizenship to “Sophia-the Robot”, Saudi Arabia Becomes The First Country To Do So
AI-powered toys could soon become your child’s best buddy, here are few that are already a reality
5 novel concepts around AI explored in Blade Runner 2049 and its parallels in real life
Here’s why AWS & Microsoft open-sourced their jointly launched Deep Learning platform
Google’s AI Start-up Acquisition Spree Says A Lot About Its Future Plans
These 5 Recent Patents Give A Peek Into How Apple Is Much Ahead Of Its Competition In AI
Monty Hall dies at 96, 5 References To Monty Hall Problem In Popular Culture
Cypher 2017 India’s Most Exciting Analytics Summit Concludes
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