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10 AI-Based Recruiting Tools

10 AI-Based Recruiting Tools

  • As of 2020, 65 percent of HR organisations already use AI for talent acquisition and by 2023, the number is expected to be 77 percent.
AI recruiting tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps companies with predictive analysis to automate recruitment. It does so by matching candidates to the most relevant job profiles with the help of machine learning. 

AI for recruiting includes the usage of: 

  • voice-enabled chats, search, and personal assistance
  • Machine learning-powered pattern matching 
  • Chatbots to automate interview scheduling 

As of 2020, 65 percent of HR organisations already use AI for talent acquisition and by 2023, 77 percent of HR organisations are expected to use AI for recruitment. 

Today, we take a look at ten emerging AI-backed recruiting tools used by companies: 


Skillate is an advanced decision-making engine that accelerates and smoothens the process of hiring. It offers AI-powered intelligent hiring services, improved candidate experiences, and people analytics. Additionally, Skillate enables businesses to mask personal information about candidates to enable unbiased hiring decisions. 

Skillate uses deep learning to extract information from resumes, and attract better talent by writing job descriptions with the help of AI-based JD assistants. Additionally, it offers auto-interview scheduler, job description assistant and data-backed insights and analytics of the recruitment process. 

Skillate is used by Trell, BYJU’s. Ola, BigBasket, CleverTap, Grofers, Rapido, Sony, Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro, among others. 

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Intelligent recruitment platform TurboHire is data-driven, structured and collaborative. It combines the power of human and machine intelligence to generate data-centric insights to source, screen and assess candidates. 

Additionally, TurboHire offers military-grade security of customer data and encrypted communication between customers and cloud. According to the website, with TurboHire, companies have saved more than 10,000 hours of recruiting time and $2 million hiring cost while recruiting more than 50,000 candidates. 

TurboHire is used by more than 5,000 plus recruiters including, ICICI Bank, Wakefit, ClearTax, and Accel Partners. 

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Talenture offers recruitment with AI and ML engine insights. Its virtual recruitment expert Marvin monitors and guides job processing for businesses. It uses Intelligent Heuristics to rank candidates on parameters like recency, availability, employability or a combination of these three. 

Additionally, its CRM provides a 360-degree view of businesses relationships with candidates to accelerate decision making. Talenture offers candidate sourcing services from job boards, social sites, career sites, email and desktop folders. It also has a mobile application 

Talenture has been used by more than 1,000 companies to recruit seven million plus jobs. Its clients include the likes of JobExcel, GenNEXT, Recruise, Venpa Staffing Services, and SR Corporate Services, among others. 

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Zoho Recruit 

Cloud-based applicant tracking system Zoho Recruit provides end-to-end hiring solutions for staffing agencies, corporate HRs and temporary workforces. Zoho’s AI recruitment software uses automation to help its clients and businesses source candidates, screen resumes, develop process workflows and engage with candidates in-real time with the help of chatbots. 

Zoho Recruit helps companies curate a list of the best candidates for a particular job profile with the help of candidate matching software Zia. Zia matches candidates’ resumes with job descriptions, locations, and industries, among other factors, reducing the candidate shortlisting process to a few milliseconds. 

Zoho Recruit is used by OnePlus, Airtel, SpiceJet and Yokohama, among others. 

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Pymetrics combines gamification and behavioural technology to ease the process of hiring. It has a patented set of 12 games to fairly and accurately measure cognitive and emotional attributes. It has an additional set of four games to measure numerical and logical reasoning. 

It claims to reduce the hiring time by 75 percent, increase the yield by 100 percent, and decrease hiring costs by 25 percent.  Pymetrics also ensures gender and ethic fairness in algorithms with ethical AI design with organisations including EEOC, Stanford University and World Economic Forum. 

It has a marquee list of clients of more than 60 global enterprises including Tesla, Unilever, Accenture and Mercer. 

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With the help of Mya– a conversational AI recruiting platform, companies will be able to recruit faster, reduce hiring costs and improve the whole hiring experience. It automates candidate engagement and communications at scale. It does so by converting site visitors into applicants and talent pools. 

Using its proprietary natural language system, Mya extracts data and insights from conversations with candidates. Post which insights from structured and unstructured responses are used to update candidate profiles, perform direct comparisons and surface actionable conversation analytics.  

According to its website, Mya can automate candidate engagement for more than 12 industries and 100s of roles. It is used by more than 300 enterprise brands, including the likes of Loreal Paris. 

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SaaS platform Talocity enables ‘touchless’ hiring. The AI-based video interviewing platform Talocity is available in 39 languages. It offers four solutions: 

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  • One-way video interviews 
  • Voice assessment
  • Assessment platform 
  • Typing assessment 
  • ATS 
  • AI Proctoring 

During its one-way video interviews, Talocity collects tens of thousands of data points on the candidate. The AI then augments the hiring team’s decision-making with insights from these interviews, allocating time and assets only on the candidates with the most compatible potential. 

Talocity is used by the likes of Infosys, Mahindra, ICICI Prudential, Pantaloons, HCL Urban Company and Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. 

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Hiretual AI builds a strong pipeline for present and future roles, casting a wider net for search across more than 750 million plus profiles on 45-plus open web platforms such as GitHub, AngelList, RateMDs and Upwork. Additionally, it provides market insights for hiring managers– providing a comprehensive summary of the market for a company’s open roles to guide targeted decisions. 

The platform keeps refreshing the Applicant Tracking System data for maximum visibility and faster optimisation. Hiretual is used by more than 100,000 recruiters. Companies including PayPal, IBM, Philips, Deloitte, Accenture and PWC use Hiretual. 

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HireVue offers live and on-demand video interviewing at scale, pre-hire assessments to identify the best candidates and minimise bias; conversational AI to automate workflows through text, web and WhatsApp interfaces; and provide structured interview guides to replace ad hoc and inconsistent interview processes.  

HireVue offers reduced unconscious bias as its USP over competitors. It’s AI-driven approach mitigates bias by eliminating unreliable and inconsistent variables– selection based on resume and phone screens– thus, letting recruiters focus more on job-relevant criterias. 

HireVue claims to decrease the time to fill up a position by 90 percent, increase diversity by 16 percent and experience return on investment up to 131 percent, within the first year of using the platform itself. 

Its clients include Unilever, Rockspace, Boston Red Sox, G4S, and the Foxtel Group. 

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Loxo offers a talent intelligence platform, an applicant tracking system and a Recruiting CRM. The AI recruitment automation software guides recruiters to the best suited candidates while reducing the work by 80 percent. 

Additionally, its proprietary directory consists of more than 530 plus million people across hundreds of data sources. Presently, it serves more than 1.25 lakh recruiters across the globe including Amazon, World Wide Technology, Kensington International and Cigna. 

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