10 AI-powered Chrome Extensions in 2022

Among the ton of great extensions on the chrome marketplace, the best ones are AI based.
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Google Chrome completely dominates the browser market, and this domination includes extensions. There are over 180,000 extensions available for the browser, and a large proportion of these are under active development for each release cycle. Among the ton of great extensions on the chrome marketplace, the best ones are AI based. 

There are several recent innovations in the chrome marketplace that power their extensibility via machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Check out this list of chrome extensions that are powered by AI algorithms and can provide great assistance for several tasks! 


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Grammarly leverages natural language processing algorithms to provide assistance on any platform or page that you are using on your browser. Apart from verifying the grammatical soundness of your writing, you can also correct the tonality of the text and check for plagiarism on this extension. 


A personal writing assistant that generates content for writing ideas, HyperWrite makes the job of a writer infinitely easier. Based on the content of the document, the extension suggests perfect words and phrases for completing your thoughts. Apart from the writing assistant tool, HyperWrite also developed a text-to-image section on their website.


Otter.ai is the best extension to transcribe meetings, chats, and video calls. It uses an AI-based machine learning algorithm that enables instant transcription of any meeting, conference call or video. This transcript is then further refined by the system to form perfect sentences and separate the text for each speaker.


Built for extracting data from a website, AnyPicker is the perfect tool for scraping data from a webpage. The extension uses an AI pattern detection engine that analyses the content on a website and converts it into a readable format. The tool is essential for tracking competitors’ websites and keeping track of the strategies, SEO, and even data mining.


Similar to Grammarly, another AI writing assistant extension is ContentBot. The tool can generate blogs, ad copies, and social media posts. In addition to writing content, the extension is also an SEO specialist that curates a perfect copy to help you reach a larger audience from your blog.


Gathering, organising, and managing contacts for business prospecting is a time-intensive task. Ideal for finding emails and other contact details from any social media profile, Seamless.ai is a free tool for building lists, marketing, and making a database for the organisation. 

Atomic AI

For turning your written content into great content, Atomic AI is the tool that suggests excellent changes and feedback on your documents, social media posts, or mail. Users can just start typing simple sentences, and the extension will prompt perfect ways to write the same.


Supported on several platforms, Jasper is another writing assistant tool that leverages AI to create content ten times faster. With just single clicks, you can expand or shorten a sentence, and also rephrase it for better readability with the “Explain it to a fifth grader” option. 

Speak AI 

Built with the idea of sentiment analysis, Speak AI enables writers to gain insights about the formality and readability of the text. The extension also analyses opened web pages on the browser for trend analysis and data aggregation which are, in turn, helpful for executing strategic decisions. 


Podcastle’s chrome extension reads the text on a given web page, and converts it into a podcast. Users willing to listen to news or articles while on the move can use this extension to turn every written word into an audio output. You can also curate your own playlists and share them with others. 

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