10 Best Online Resources To Learn Pandas

One of the most popular libraries of Python — Pandas provides fast, flexible, and expressive data structures. The library has various intuitive features, including easy handling of missing data, data alignment, fancy indexing, data alignment, to name a few. 

In this article, we list down the ten best free online resources, in no particular order, to learn Pandas.

Master Data Analysis with Python – Intro to Pandas

Master Data Analysis with Python – Intro to Pandas provides an introduction to the components of the two primary Pandas objects, the DataFrame and Series, and how to select subsets of data from them.

Learners will understand the components of the DataFrame and Series, data types, selecting subsets of data, filtering data via boolean selection and more.

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Pandas Python Library for Beginners in Data Science

Pandas Python Library for Beginners in Data Science is a one-hour video course that is meant for college students and for those who have not heard of Pandas before and willing to learn about the syntax in Pandas. The project provides various challenges with solutions to encourage learners to practice using Pandas.

By the end of this project, learners will master the basics of Pandas. They will also be able to gain insight into the data, clean it, and do basic preprocessing to get the most value out of your data.

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Pandas Foundations 

In this course, learners will be introduced to pandas DataFrames. It will enable learners to use pandas to import and inspect a variety of datasets, ranging from population data obtained from the World Bank to monthly stock data obtained via Yahoo Finance. 

The course will help in learning how to work with real-world datasets containing both string and numeric data, often structured around time series. It will also help in learning powerful analysis, selection, and visualisation techniques in this course.

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Learn Data Analysis using Pandas and Python

This course is a 101 level data manipulation course that will cover an introduction to data science and Pandas, its installation and setting up the environment. It will cover the basics of data analysis and data manipulation using Pandas and learn various steps of data preparation including data massaging, filtering, string manipulations, aggregations and more. 

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Pandas Exercises, Practice, Solution

Pandas Exercises, Practice, Solution is provided by w3resource, where one can learn how to work with data using Pandas library and practice various problems related to the library. The course aims to be the fundamental high-level building block for doing practical, real-world data analysis in Python.

The course includes various Pandas exercises including data series, data frame, index, string and regular expression, handling missing values and more. 

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This course from Kaggle will help in learning all about Pandas. In this course, learners will learn how to create their own data, along with how to work with data that already exists. The course includes topics like creating, reading, indexing, sorting, summary functions, data types, missing values, renaming and more.

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Intermediate Pandas Python Library for Data Science

Intermediate Pandas Python Library for Data Science course will help in understanding the advanced methods to handle missing values, how to sort, select and slice data for easier manipulation as well as the different types of joins, sorting and binning data.

This guided project is meant for those who are familiar with pandas for data analysis but want to really harness the power of pandas by learning more complex operations. By the end of this project, learners will be able to learn how to handle structured data using Pandas.

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Writing Efficient Code with Pandas

This course will help in understanding Python and the Pandas library and introduce the efficient built-in Pandas functions to perform tasks faster. By the end of this course, one will be able to apply a function to data based on a feature value, iterate through big datasets rapidly, and manipulate data belonging to different groups efficiently. Learners will also be able to apply these methods on a variety of real-world datasets, such as poker hands or restaurant tips.  

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Pandas with Python

Pandas with Python course that will help teach the step-by-step process of Pandas. The course covers several different methods, attributes, features, and functionalities of Pandas. It includes topics such as series and data frame, data range and inspecting data, indexing and slicing, merging data frames, working with text data, and more. 

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Introduction to Pandas

Introduction to Pandas is a course in Jupyter nbviewer, where it will teach from the basics of Pandas. The course can help in understanding features of the library, and how to work with Pandas in series, data frame, importing data, etc. It will also show how to implement these features with the help of some exercises. 

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