10 Chatbots from India making it big!

Chatbots have taken the position to be your very personal chat assistants, whether as a tutor or a fashion counsellor, thanks to the ever-evolving technologies. Though bots have been around for quite a while, the recent surge in artificial intelligence and natural language processing has made it popular like never before. And with the ever increasing numbers of smartphone users, accessing chatbots have become both fun and easy.

Posing many competitive advantages over apps, these chatbots require no downloads, can be instantly used, it is easier to build and upgrade and most importantly faster and cheaper than apps.

While on one hand it has many advantages, on other hand its effectiveness in conversing with a human without a human intervention is often questioned. There certainly are questions that bots might not handle well, but the booming artificial intelligence gives a hope on the lacunas that it can overcome.

With its own plus and minus, let’s read on to the most popular chatbots making headlines from India that have been automating the tasks you otherwise would have spent hours in doing. (Listed in Alphabetical order)

AISHA by Micromax

how-to-root-micromax-a50-superfone-ninja-and-install-cwm-recoveryThis voice assistant by Micromax is our very own Indianized version of Siri. It can perform tasks like initiating a google search, giving movie reviews, make calls, read news, view stalk market details and much more. Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant is all about AI in its backend that makes it one of the most popular bots in India.

Engazify Bot

engazifyFounded by Purva Surse and Siddharth Shekhawat, Engazify Bot is a faster and better way to appreciate your teammates, capture all your team wins, and save it for everyone to see. It fosters a culture of peer recognition by appreciating their work and celebrating the same by gamifying the whole experience. It lets you chat with him, ask questions or give feedback just like any other friend in your team.


goheroFounded by Snehal Dhruve and Bineet Desai, this AI powered personal travel agent is available across nine platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype. It assists you in booking flight, hotel, taxis etc. It integrates with messaging apps to use sophisticated algorithms and understand traveller’s preference. The chat screen allows the users can review pricing and availability of tickets.


gupOne of the most advanced bots and messaging platforms, it enables developers to quickly and easily build, test, deploy and manage chatbots across all messaging channels. It offers application programming interfaces, with which software programs can interact with each other for all the popular messaging platforms, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and Teamchat.

ixibaba by ixigo

ixibaba-twitter3-wmfbqA chatbot that can answer all your travel queries, brought to you by ixigo is the perfect example of how companies are improving on interacting with customers and enhancing customer experience. This AI bot can provide quick and quirky answers to all travel related queries much faster and instantaneously than a human could. Travellers can talk about flights, hotels, cabs, vacation destination etc. It also provides real-time information about weather, travel routes, flight timings etc.


1One of the first bots on the facebook messenger, MagicX lets you carry day-to-day tasks like bill payments, recharge, food ordering, flight booking and other services via chat, enabled off course by AI. It has a tendency of learning more from human interaction, giving a sense of more human like responses, but highly scalable at the same time. It has tie-ups with more than 20 e-commerce, recharge, grocery, travel and bill payment platforms.


nikiWhether a pre-paid, post-paid or DTH recharge, paying electricity bills, booking a cab, getting a laundry or ordering a burger from burger king, this chatbot assists you in all of it. Celebrating its inception in the year 2015, Niki has attracted funding from the likes of Tata and Ronnie Screwvala. This fully automated chatbot works up on the concept of artificial intelligence with no human intervention.

Recharge Bot by Payjo

rechrgPayjo is India’s first messenger bot that lets you recharge your phone, sets reminder for recharge and shows suitable plans for your number. In short, Recharge Bot supports intelligent balance reminders for prepaid phones. The biggest advantage of this chatbot is its availability languages other than English. It currently supports hindi, tamil, telegu and kannada.


myallyLaunched by Deepti Yenireddy and Naveen Varma Alluri, it aims at automating repetitive everyday tasks for business executives, sales and recruiting professionals. A blend of artificial and human intelligence, it handles your B2B scheduling and calendar management. It has raised substantial amount of funding from prominent Silicon Valley and Indian technology investors including Kludein LLC, Narayan Ramachandran and Pranav Pai, investing on behalf of Mohandas Pai among others.

The AI assistant is named as Alex and uses natural language processing and machine learning supervised by humans to enable customers to communicate with the service via e­mail just as they would with a human executive assistant.


yanaWith the founders claiming this chatbot to be an 100% automated artificial intelligence engine with no human interference, YANA help users to book cabs, order groceries, etc. The chatbot’s intelligence has been developed by it’s more than 50,000 messages that it has received over time.

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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