10 Best Data Science Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now

Handpicked voices from within the data science world
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The best thing about podcasts is that they lead us beyond traditional resources. Listening to a data science podcast can help you gain your daily dose of knowledge and end your day with some new information you picked up through the podcast. 

A podcast is like a library of news you can listen to anywhere. Here are ten handpicked data science podcasts to help you find your next data science listen.

Simulated Reality
The in-house AIM podcast Simulated Reality is a space where renowned data scientists illustrate their journey in detail. The podcast does an impressive job of asking the right questions which helps the listeners gain an insight into the professional lives of the personalities. 

Latest episode: ​​Training next-gen to be responsible AI innovators 


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Women in Data Science

Professor Margot Gerritsen from Stanford University confers with leading women in the field. The podcast parts knowledge on ways data science is applied across various industries, from health care to music streaming, along with career advice.

Latest episode: Teaching and learning data science in Latin America (Spanish)

Lex Fridman Podcast

Previously known as ‘The AI Podcast’, is not all about data science. It offers a wider overview of data science and how it fits into philosophy, history, health, and technology. Here, the host, Lex Fridman, interviews dignitaries from several industries.

Latest episode: Andrej Karpathy: Tesla AI, Self-Driving, Optimus, Aliens, and AGI


This podcast features lighthearted conversations around tools, techniques, and data-driven processes involved in data science. Learn more about data history, knowledge graphs, and time series analysis with episodes focused on each topic.

Latest episode: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer Career Paths

Not So Standard Deviations

Roger Peng and Hilary Parker co-host this discussion of industry news that weaves in their personal experiences working with data.

Latest episode: Podcast in the Style of Data

Data Skeptic

The Data Skeptic Podcast by Kyle Polich covers topics related to data science, machine learning, statistics, and data science. The guests are from both academia and the industry. Thus, you get to learn about the research areas in data science as well as how companies apply data science.

Latest episode: Data Skeptic: Ad Tech

The Harvard Data Science Review Podcast

The podcast focuses on data science, its application in different areas, and its influence. Each episode is labelled as ‘case study’ to highlight their eagerness to understand ways in which data is used to make important decisions today.

Latest episode: It’s Election Time Again—Do We Predict Better This Time?

The Banana Data Podcast

The hosts focus on the latest innovations in the data science realm. This bi-weekly podcast focuses on different areas surrounding data, from ethical AI to robot pets.

Latest episode: Deepfakes and Data Upscaling


This in-house data science podcast of DataCamp covers a wide array of topics on ways to build data culture and measure their data literacy. The podcast currently has 85 episodes.

Latest episode: Data Journalism in the age of COVID-19

The Artists of Data Science

This podcast focuses on the self-development of data scientists. Apart from the usual interviews, the podcast has a ‘happy hours’ Q&A section related to anything and everything data science.

Latest episode: Data Science Happy Hour 101

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