10 Data Visualization tools that the industry relies on

It’s the world of data and with the ever increasing websites, smart devices and smart technologies connected over the internet, the amount of data generated can be absolutely baffling. As the data crunching games are on a rise, data and analytics companies are looking for visual based data discovery analysis that can make sense out of the huge numbers.

Whether business intelligence programs or data analytics, the insights in numerical form could be extremely useful and this is where data visualization tools come handy to comprehend and interpret the complicated data sets. And so big data and analytics data visualization tools have become an indispensable part of the industry with an increase in the demand.

Amidst the swamping choices that is being offered today, let’s give a quick glance at 10 visualization tools that every analyst and data scientist vouches by. They have been listed in alphabetical order.

1. ClearStory Data

Img Src- ClearStory Data

Recognized second time in a row as visionary in the 2017 Gartner MQ for BI and analytics platform, this 2011 founded visualization tool is one of the youngest players in the market. Promising to foster 80% faster and interactive insights from disparate data, it can also auto-prep and auto-blend data without lengthy traditional data wrangling. It is based on an integrated Apache Spark-based data processing Platform.

Manufacturing, food and beverages, retail, media and entertainment, healthcare, financial services are some of the industries, the data from where ClearStory Data intelligently combines into holistic insights.

Available for a 14 day and 30-day free trial, the tool can be purchased based on the enterprise need. Coca Cola, Mars, Merck, Riviera are some of its customers.

2. Microsoft Power BI

Img Src- Microsoft Power BI

A suite of business analytics tool, Microsoft Power BI is a solid offering for analysing data and sharing insights. It lets you visually explore data through desktop or mobile, and monitor your business to fetch quick answers. Microsoft Power BI Personal Gateway, a second piece of Windows software lets the organization to keep the data fresh by connecting to on-premises data sources.

Whether excel spreadsheet, big data, streaming data or cloud services, Power BI allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources. It can be used in industries ranging from sales, operations to finance.

Often considered a leader in the self-service BI space, this tool is available mostly for free. It allows 1GB per user of data to be analysed for free and if the storage needs a boost, it can be availed as a paid/Pro service.

3. MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop

Img Src- Microstrategy

A self-service BI platform, it supports both data mining and visualizations. With a power analytics, its intuitive toolset and built-in templates makes it easy to build compelling visualizations from all kinds of data.

Designed for individual business user, it is a fast and user friendly with quick download and installations. It can connect to personal spreadsheets, cloud based data sources like Facebook, Hadoop and other big data sources. The enterprise platform can support both web and mobile apps for an easy administration.

The best part is it’s free for basic requirements. For advanced features like Salesforce Reporting or Enterprise Information Integration, it needs to be upgraded to “Analytics Enterprise”.

4. Oracle Visual Analyzer

Claiming a place at the Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform report by Gartner this year after last year’s loss, this 2015 introduced web-based tool is provided within the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service. Apart from providing advanced analysis and interactive visuals, Oracle Visual Analyzer also gives a configurable dashboard.

It’s mostly preferred by organizations with large scale enterprise deployments where it can help create detailed analyses and carefully curated dashboards resulting in detailed reports.

5. Qlik

Img Src- Qlik

One of the Leaders in Gartner’s 2017 Report, Qlik offers a wide range of products that provides data visualization. QlikSense, QlikView, Qlik Analytics Platform are some of its products. It lets you search and explore vast amounts of data and to analyse, reveal, collaborate and act based on the insights.

QlikSense allows you to explore the data intuitively and creating smart visualizations with drag-and-drop ease. It helps you explore complex data like never before. Its available in various versions for desktop, server, and cloud.

The pricing details are as mentioned here.

6. SAPLumira

Img Src-SAP

SAP BusinessObject Lumira is a self service visualization tool that lets you connect, visualize, discover and communicated based on the large data sets. It brings data exported from sources such as Excel and others to life by creating beautiful, interactive maps and infographics.

Its intuitive dashboards perform the visual BI analysis and shares the insights with the team. Available for a 30-day trial, it can be used by individuals, SMEs and big enterprises.

7. SAS visual Analytics

Img Src- SAS Visual Analytics

One of the most traditional vendors in advanced analytics space, SAS visual analytics has been in the industry for a long time offering insights to various businesses. Its capable of delivering fast answers to complex questions regardless of the size of the data.

It’s a pioneer in comprehending information quickly, identifying relationships and pattern and pinpointing emerging trends based on the data. It’s used across industries such as healthcare, digital advertising etc.

Its web-based, interactive data exploration mode suits the needs of all types of users. Click here to see the pricing details.

8. Sisense

Img Src-Sisense

Sisense lets you express any piece of data to explore underlying trends and hence carry out data-driven decisions. This web-enabled platform lets you have interactive dashboards for analysing big and multiple datasets. It has been named a niche player by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant report.

It’s easy to use and lets anyone create a meaningful report without having to rely on IT proficiencies. Easy customization and the ability to share dashboards across organizations, makes it one of the favorite tools.

Ebay, Philips, Sony are its major clients. Its available for trial and the price quotes can be requested here.

9. Tableau

Img Src- Tableau

Considered one of the best data visualization platforms, it’s simple, drag and drop based interface gets it the major brownie point. Founded in 2003, Tableau continues to be the market leader given a wide variety of visualizations and efficient finish that it offers. It is offered on desktop, server and cloud versions and can connect to local and remote data and also to live data.

It is one of the leaders in the Gartner’s BI & Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant 2017. It goes down well with those with no technical background as it doesn’t need any coding expertise and the interactive dashboards help uncover hidden facts faster than others.

The basic version of Tableau Desktop comes for free for students and instructors at accredited academic institutions, whereas users have to pay for advanced features.

10. Tibco Spotfire

Img Src- Tibco Spotfire

One of the easiest tools that businesses can use to visualize their data, Tibco Spotfire is making a transition from a desktop to a cloud software vendor. Spotfire, a data discovery specialist was acquired by Tibco in 2007, and has been offering visualization and analytics software to uncover insights for better decision making. It’s also considered the best place to start visualizing the excel data.

It lets you access the data library from desktop or via browser and build dashboards to visually explore your data. It can easily mashup data from multiple resources and be shared privately or over the internet.

Available for a free trial, the tool can be purchased to avail it to its full propensity.

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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