10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups in India to Watch in 2015

Given the kind of growth that analytics have seen in recent years, it’s only natural that we get to see more of analytics professionals and thought leaders create their own start-ups. What’s heartening is the fact that we hear on average one analytics start-up being incubated very week in India. Yet, only few of them stand out.

Each year we compile a list of some exciting analytics start-ups in India. The focus area of these start-ups can be analytics services, products or even a completely separate domain but heavy reliance on analytics to drive their core offering. Here’s the list for this year.

Read 10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups in India to Watch in 2014

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machinepulseMachinePulse is the provider of rapidly scalable solutions addressing machine data requirements of industrial protocols, M2M and IOT segments with real time big data analytics and decision science on its elastic cloud platform, Erixis.

Erixis is an Artificial Intelligence enabled Internet of Things platform that has built-in deep machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities. Erixis queues, aggregates and manages data from devices, Motes (Sensor Nodes), Subnet, Networks, platforms etc. The cloud platform’s Rules engine has Machine Learning at its core, and it decodes a system till its elemental levels and generates unprecedented and meaningful insights for improved productivity.

MachinePulse, with a strong and formidable force of Data Scientists and Domain experts, interweaves various logical algorithms to unearth the correlations between machines and processes. Their capable analytics bench has already proven its mettle in Solar PV power sector with 4% increased revenues and a sustained maximum Performance Ratios in the Industry for more than 18 months.

With audacious plans of replicating its success to multiple Industry verticals across geographies and employing its scalable analytics solutions, MachinePulse is definitely going to be a Start-up to watch for in 2015.

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Infinite analytics

infiniteInfinite Analytics is the most advanced Predictive Marketing and Analytics Company. Co-founded by two MIT graduates, it has its genesis in a class taught by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. The company has built a real-time Personalization Platform that learns and predicts by utilizing all available data to match a user to a product or service. It creates a 360 degree view of every user based on the user and catalogs structured and unstructured data from online, offline and macro-trends from the web. Through the use of NLP, Machine Learning and a lot of predictive analytics, the platform can predict user’s behavior for retail and e-commerce applications.

Infinite Analytics has a super team from MIT with over 60 years in e-commerce and technology, along with super advisors in Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of the World Wide Web and Deb Roy – Chief Media Scientist at Twitter. They are based in Boston & Mumbai. Clients include some of the big names in India & US such as Croma Retail, TrendIN, Indian Roots, Future Group, Babyoye, Bewakoof, Comcast, Nordstrom among many others.

Recently, Infinite Analytics won the “Startup of the Year Award” at the eTales 2015 which was organized by eTailing India. This award recognized innovative start-ups which either offers a ground-breaking product or service, or that are using an exciting new approach to improve or disrupt a traditional market.

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Aureus Analytics

The A Team Sep 2014

Aureus Analytics is a provider of advanced Big Data Analytics platform and products for the Insurance, and Banking industry. Aureus’ platform ASAP and products suite bring power to the decision makers and practitioners by enabling analytics at the point of decision in a simple yet comprehensive manner.

Aureus brings together the four essential pillars that are required for a successful Big Data Analytics solution – Deep Domain Skills, Big Data Capabilities, Data Sciences skills and Analytics expertise. Our industry and problem specific products are targeted for CXOs who deal with Customer Experience, Risk and Operations.

Aureus has been founded by Anurag Shah, Ashish Tanna and Nitin Purohit. With a team of 20 which includes data scientists, machine learning experts, developers and testers, Aureus is already catering to the advanced analytics requirements of some large Banks and Insurance players.

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Gartner and MIT-Sloan have found that over 50% of new products are likely to fail. That’s a huge loss in potential for any online store. MineWhat is an eCommerce intelligence startup that helps them avoid this by letting them pick winning products and eliminating the poor performers early in the process.

MineWhat tells the story of an online store from the POV of products and product groups: Which products were bought by shoppers coming from Facebook? Which categories are the most engaging? What styles are currently trending and so on. With the tool buyers, category managers, merchandisers and marketers can get a simple, visually beautiful interface to plan and monitor their actions and predict outcomes.

MineWhat is headquartered in the retail belt of the United States, with a development office in Bangalore. They have a global sales presence and have customers worldwide including Myntra, Beauty planet and more.

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EigenRisk was founded in May 2014, with the mission to bring speed-of-thought risk analytics to the (re)insurance and risk management community. EigenRisk leverages the latest advances in high-performance computing and big data technology to empower customers to make faster and better decisions in risk selection, risk transfer and risk management.

Earlier this year, EigenRisk was selected by CIO Review as one of the 20 Most Promising High Performance Computing Technology Solution Providers.

EigenRisk has offices in Ann Arbor, Miami, and Bangalore. The leadership team, Deepak Badoni, Phaneender Aedla, Eduardo Hernandez, Namit Sharma, and Dan Pengue,  has over 100+ years of combined expertise in risk management and technology at global majors like Aon, GE, and Marsh, and is passionate about building products that solve real problems for customers; the more difficult the better.

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Peel-works enables its customers to deliver higher brand presence at point of sale (organized retail & traditional trade). Out of stock leads to billions of dollars of lost sales globally, pw enables customers to minimise the economic waste. This benefit is delivered via cutting edge proprietary technology and analytics tools designed for different customer segments and product categories.

9yards, along with Genius adds a whole lot of horsepower to the last mile sales force for organizations across industries. This sales force is usually part of an extended workforce and works across a variety of customer/ shopper facing roles such as selling, advisory & category management. Youtoo helps FMCG companies to understand shoppers and consumers better and to execute relevant promotions to acquire new and retain existing ones.

Peel-works made it to India’s coolest startups (Business Today, February 2013, India’s top 15 coolest start-ups).  Founded in 2010, peel-works has offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune and Bengaluru.

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AnalyticsOne is a management consulting firm with analytics focus. Its clients are spread across the US, EU and Africa. Our strategy consultants partner with the clients to improve their profitability through better cash flow management, ROI and resource allocations.

AnalyticsOne is based out of Bhubaneswar. It was founded by Debasmit Mohanty, who spent 15 years in the US financial services industry as a risk management and analytics leader. It specializes in unstructured data including Machine-to-Machine(M2M) and Internet of Things (IOT).

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KruxonomyKruxonomy is a bengaluru-based Data Science consulting start-up with a passion for Analytics. They aim to create niche, actionable analytics solutions that provide lasting and meaningful competitive advantage for client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and actionable insights.

Though an early stage startup, Kruxonomy has gained prominence due to the focus on the startup ecosystem of India. Kruxonomy believes that analytics is core to most startups today but they do not have right bandwidth or capabilities to adopt analytics. Other innovative focus areas include HR analytics and Geospatial Analytics.

Their product called Brand Social affinity mines thousands of interactions of Brand’s customers on social media to find their lifestyle habits. This information helps brands to unearth deep rooted preferences of customers, which might otherwise be difficult to identify. For more information, write to info@kruxonomy.com

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Convergytics Logo

Founded in 2013 with a development center in Bangalore, Convergytics is a BI & Analytics company whose vision is to create visualization and advanced analytics solutions that not only gets consumed, but also adds value to clients. Convergytics believes in the convergence of the 3Cs of Creation, Consumption and Correction (as emphasized in their logo) and also believe that the three phases of an Analytics Project (Analyze, Socialize, Monetize) need to be given equal importance for a project to succeed.

Convergytics was co-founded by three analytics specialists (Sanjeev Mishra, Santosh Atre and Randhir Hebbar) with over 50 years of experience between them. The company already has 10+ clients including a couple of Fortune 50 companies and was recently recognized by UK based Global Brands Magazine as the “Fastest Growing Analytics Startup in Asia”.

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logo-valianceValiance provides Analytics solutions to enterprises using data science and technology platforms. The solutions are intended to help clients improve sales, marketing and other business processes.

We have addressed plethora of problems for our clients ranging from Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Event predictions, Sales forecasting etc. Our team composition of data scientists, data engineers and technology folks allows us to offer analytics as a service over cloud where we maintain platforms for our clients.

Valiance was co-founded in early 2012 by IIT grads with experience in technology and analytics consulting for Investment Banks, IBM, American Express. Key clients in India are Life Insurers and Banking firms.

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