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10 Exciting Webinars & Workshops In Machine Learning To Look Forward To

10 Exciting Webinars & Workshops In Machine Learning To Look Forward To

2020 has been an eventful year so far, with many professionals getting unemployed due to the massive pandemic outbreak. However, one of the ways professionals are keeping up their relevance in their organisations as well as in the industry is by upskilling and learning the latest tools and technologies of this evolving field. Webinars and workshops have always been an excellent way for professionals and enthusiasts to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technologies.

For attendees, these webinars and workshops are not only an easy way to know and train themselves on the latest tools and technologies but also allows them to hear from the best minds of the industry on relevant topics. In fact, for a few years now, large tech companies have been conducting free webinars and workshops, which will not only boosts the community and users at large but also acts as a great marketing tool for advertising their solutions and services.


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With machine learning being explored in various industries, including healthcare, eCommerce, finance and retail, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we are going to list down ten online webinars and workshops in machine learning that one shouldn’t miss.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) From Scratch

Date & Time: 26th September 2020

About: Natural Language Processing (NLP) From Scratch is a full-day workshop organised by the Association of Data Scientists, a global professional body of data science and ML professionals. Scheduled for 26th September 2020, Saturday, this workshop will cover topics like introduction to natural language processing; syntax, semantics and pragmatics; representation of texts; and tokenisation along with text analysis; text classification; word embeddings etc. The workshop comes with a prerequisite of Python knowledge with a basic understanding of linear algebra and vectors and familiarity with Google Colab and GPU environment.

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How Accelerated GPUs Help Data Scientists

Date & Time: 30th September 2020, 4:00 PM – 4:15 PM IST

About: How Accelerated GPUs Help Data Scientists is a webinar hosted by Analytics India Magazine with the senior solution architect of Nvidia Graphics, India — Sasikumar and the solution architect of HP India — B Senthilraj. With immense expertise in areas of accelerated computing and graphics, the speakers are very well-known in the field of the graphics computing industry. In this webinar, they will cover a comprehensive understanding of what is a data science workstation and how it can help the workforce, along with operations of Nvidia GPUs and ways to get started with GPU accelerated data science. The webinar will be followed up by a dedicated Q&A where attendees can share their questions for better understanding from the speakers.

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Deep Learning DevCon 2020

Date & Time: 29-30th October 2020

About: Deep Learning DevCon 2020 or DLDC is a two-day online event that is organised by Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) along with Analytics India Magazine, which is bringing in leading experts of deep learning from around the world. The event comes with a two-day workshop of building deep learning solutions from scratch with Keras. The workshop will cover various topics on deep learning — from its introduction and feed-forward neural networks to improving deep learning models, sequence modelling, autoencoders etc. With this workshop, attendees will be able to start, develop and apply these models in real-life applications. The implementations will be taught with Keras using TensorFlow backend.

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GTC 2020

Date & Time: 5-9th October 2020

About: GTC 2020 is an online event hosted by NVIDIA, aka GPU Technology Conference, for developers, researchers, engineers and innovators who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of AI and ML. The event comes with full-day workshops and webinars from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which will provide certifications to attendees. The event runs for five days in four continents and can create infinite possibilities to connect the experts to get data science, graphics and robotics questions answered. Not only the workshops will provide fundamentals of deep learning but will also teach building intelligent recommender systems.

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Date & Time: 5th – 6th November 2020

About: MLConf EU is an online event that brings in ML experts under one roof, and will provide hands-on education on real-world machine learning. The event is aimed to teach the attendees the practical applications of machine learning with hands-on project experience. Covering topics like deep learning, computer vision, AI, NLP and data science, this online event will feature talks from well-known pros of the industry. The event also comes with a one-on-one advice lounge with field experts along with video chat rooms with speakers and attendees. In association with tech companies Google, Microsoft, and Samsung, this event will offer a comprehensive understanding of the ML industry.

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Ethical Use of Machine Learning in Financial Markets – Myth or Miracle?

Date & Time: Oct 2, 2020 11:00 AM in Eastern Time [8:30 pm Indian Standard Time (IST)]

About: Ethical Use of Machine Learning in Financial Markets – Myth or Miracle is a webinar hosted by Daniel Liebau, the founder of Lightbulb Capital and Michael Weinberg, the managing director, head of Hedge Funds and Alternative Alpha. The webinar will talk about the ethics related to machines — whether they are capable of behaving ethically or the only chance to behave ethically is via intelligent machines. It will focus on the AI guidelines released by financial services regulators which can help businesses to avoid the risks associated with it. 

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Data Science & Machine Learning For Non Programmers

Date & Time: 14th October 2020 at 2:30 PM

About: This is a webinar by Edureka, which talks about the basics of data science and machine learning, along with answering every question that non-programmers have in these domains. Data Science & Machine Learning For Non-Programmers webinar has been designed to help every non-programmer with their complex topics and problems in machine learning. Along with this, the webinar also focuses on various domains and use cases of data science and machine learning, which will provide an understanding of the complex field to the attendees.

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IML Machine Learning Workshop

Date & Time: 19th – 22nd October 2020

About: This is the fourth edition of the annual workshop of LPCC inter-experimental machine learning working group, which is a forum for the machine learning community at the LHC. The workshop has been scheduled for four days, where the learners can learn about the application of ML to data reduction, reconstruction, and building/tagging of the intermediate object. Along with this, it also covers the application of ML to analysis, event classification, simulation, and the data sets with its challenges. The workshop has been designed to provide hands-on tutorials on graph neural networks, along with a deeper understanding of these complex topics by contributed talks.

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Deep Learning 2.0

Date & Time: 28 – 29th January 2021, 11 AM EST [8:30 PM IST]

About: Deep Learning 2.0 is a virtual summit with seven online events encompassed into one platform. The seven online summits include — Deep Learning Landscape Stage; Reinforcement Learning Stage; Ethics and Social Responsibility Stage; Generative Models Stage; Enterprise AI Stage; Natural Language Processing Stage; and Computer Vision Stage. The event has been designed to bridge the gap between the latest technological research advancements and real-world application in business and society. With renowned speakers on the list, this event will be a comprehensive summit to attend for getting a better understanding of these complex fields.

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Secure Data Labeling for Machine Learning

Date & Time: 5th November 2020 at 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM EST (8:30 PM – 9:15 PM IST)

About: This is another webinar by, that will focus on the risks associated with data annotations and how to manage data privacy. Along with this, the webinar will also talk about how to handle deployments and infrastructure to manage data security and manage collaborative contributors for securing data labelling. Further to this, it will also provide a demo of securing the data labelling platform. With this webinar, the attendees will get an understanding of an integral part of AI and ML, i.e. data annotations or data labelling.

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