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10 Free Resources To Learn Matplotlib

The brainchild of John Hunter, Matplotlib is one of the popular libraries of Python, which is used to create static, animated, and interactive data visualizations. What makes this library versatile is its number of output formats, several chart types, and capability to run interactively as well as non-interactively.

In this article, we list down – in no particular order – ten free resources to learn Matplotlib.


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1| Matplotlib: Visualization With Python

Type: Official Documentation 

About: There is no better way than to learn from the creators themselves. In this official documentation, you will learn how to create, customize and extend the functionality of Matplotlib. You will learn how to develop publication-quality plots with just a few lines of code, how to use interactive figures that can zoom, pan, update, and how to export and embed to several file formats and interactive environments, as well as how to explore tailored functionality provided by third-party packages, and much more.

Click here to learn.

2| Matplotlib Tutorial: Python Plotting

Type: Blog

About: In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of Python data visualization, the anatomy of a Matplotlib plot such as axes, subplot and others, pyplot and Pylab, and much more. You will also learn how to create a Matplotlib Python plot, how Matplotlib, pyplot and Pylab are related, how to implement data for Matplotlib plots, how to change the size of figures, and much more.  

Click here to learn.

3| Matplotlib Tutorial

Type: PDF

About: In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of the Matplotlib library, and then dive deep into how one can create visualizations from data. You will also learn about various plots, such as simple plot, subplot, bar plots, scatter plots, polar axis, 3D plots, understanding figures, axes, ticks, among others.  

Click here to learn.

4| Matplotlib For Python Developers

Type: E-book

About: In this e-book, you will get a brief introduction to Matplotlib and how it works. It includes an introduction to NumPy arrays, how to use Matplotlib in real-world cases, plotting using Matplotlib, steps to decorate graphs with plot styles and types, understanding object-oriented Matplotlib, embedding Matplotlib in GTK+, Qt 4, wxWidgets, and more.  

Click here to learn.

5| Introduction To Data Visualization With Matplotlib

Type: Blog

About: In this course – Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib – you will learn how to use Matplotlib and how this library provides the building blocks to create rich visualizations of different kinds of datasets. You will also learn how to create visualizations for different kinds of data, and how to customize, automate, and share these visualizations.

Click here to learn.

6| Python Plotting With Matplotlib

Type: Blog

About: This tutorial is a beginner-to-intermediate-level walkthrough on Matplotlib that mixes theory with examples. It includes an introduction to Pylab and pyplot, understanding Matplotlib object hierarchy, understanding plt.subplots () notation, key concepts of Matplotlib’s design, visualizing arrays with Matplotlib, plotting with the pandas and Matplotlib combination, among others. 

Click here to learn.

7| Matplotlib Tutorial – Python Matplotlib Library With Examples

Type: Blog

About: In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Matplotlib library efficiently to create data visualization. The course includes an introduction to the library, how to understand different types of plots, how to work with multiple plots, and more.  

Click here to learn.

8| Introduction To Data Visualization With Matplotlib

Type: Blog 

About: This is a beginners’ course where you will learn about the basics of Python Matplotlib, uses and reasons behind the selection of a particular chart type, steps to explore graph customization to enhance data reporting further and communicating meaning. The course will also introduce the concepts of data visualization, which will help you understand business drivers and data trends better.

Click here to learn.

9| MatPlotLib With Python

Source: Udemy

About: This course covers almost every major chart that Matplotlib is capable of providing. You will learn how to take a step-by-step approach to create line graphs, scatter plots, stack plots, pie charts, bar charts, 3D wireframes, 3D bar charts, etc. The course includes visualization of multiple forms of both 2D and 3D graphs, like line graphs, scatter plots, bar charts, and how to create live graphs, customize graphs, modifying colours, lines, fonts, and more.     

Click here to learn.

10| Matplotlib Crash Course Python Tutorial

Type: Blog

About: This is a basic tutorial on Matplotlib where you will learn how to create plots and graphs using the Matplotlib library. It also includes all the necessities for Matplotlib, and information on how to generate simple graphs using the library, and more. 

Click here to learn.

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