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10 Hottest Job Roles In IoT Industry You Can Apply Right Away

10 Hottest Job Roles In IoT Industry You Can Apply Right Away

With India proceeding to a digital phase, IoT is receiving its fair share of popularity. For fitting into jobs in IoT, there is no particular degree but most of them ask for engineering knowledge and a basic understanding of microprocessor and electronics. One must also have a strong grip on UI/UX design, computer programming, embedded systems, data processing, network security, cloud computing, and more.

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There are a lot of interesting profiles that have opened up in the field of IoT and it is gearing for more popularity than IT professionals. Here we list 10 such hottest job profiles in Indian IoT industry that you can apply for right away.

1| IoT Developer

Job Role: The job profile includes managing the software part of the IoT stack. IoT Developers are also tasked with carrying out technical designs, develop solutions and make business decisions by collecting and processing data from previously installed bases.

Basic Requirement: To be a developer in the IoT field, the candidate needs to have a deep understanding of sensors and wireless communication. Understanding of HTTP protocols, web sockets, RESTful services and APIs, data exchange formats like JSON, basics of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Current Openings In India: Alpha Nodus, a company at Bengaluru is providing a pay-scale of INR 12-14 lakhs per annum for Senior FullStack, Backend developers.

2| UI/UX Designer

Job Role: This job profile executes the UI/UX front end. The designers are involved with planning and implementations of new designs, optimisation of existing user interface designs, creating prototypes for new product ideas and more.

Basic Requirements: Some of the skills required are understanding of IT Applications, JavaScripts, web development, usability testing, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Flash, etc.

Current Openings In India: Nymble, a Bengaluru-based company is hiring such talents with a package of INR 10-25 lakhs per annum. Another company based at Mumbai, Keubik Technology is facilitating a package of INR 10-12 lakhs per annum.

3| IoT Product Managers

Job Role: This job profile varies from the development of a product to marketing. They are responsible for building and leading a dynamic team who is responsible for shaping the future of IoT while carrying out tasks such as driving and executing product strategies including cloud-based features and services.

Basic Requirements: Basic skills for this job are statistical analysis, market research, Python, data analysis, etc.

Current Openings In India: CareerNet Technologies in Bengaluru is providing openings of this profile. Resource Weaver, Navi Mumbai is providing a salary starting from approx. INR 7 lakhs per annum for this job profile.

4| OpenCV and Algorithms Developer

Job Role: This job role involves analysing algorithms that are used for solving problems, defining validation strategies, pre-processing a given dataset and more.

Basic Requirements: Basic Knowledge in computer vision, algorithms on image processing, programming languages such as R, Python etc.

Current Openings In India: Awiros, a Gurgaon-based company currently has openings for this profile and are offering salaries in the range of INR 6-10 lakhs per annum.

5| IoT Architect

Job Role: IoT Architect takes care of it and makes a blueprint out of it. The idea is to convert ideas into design and then to functional code.

Basic Requirements: Candidate should a good database knowledge, Java EE, SOA, EDA and design patterns, NoSQL, etc.

Current Openings In India: There are companies that provide this job profile with an approx. package of INR 14-25 lakhs per annum.

6| Data Scientists In IoT

Job Role: Data generation is one of the main features of IoT and therefore data scientists have a crucial role to play in the industry.

Basic Requirements: Knowledge of leading analytical tools like Python, SAS, R. Basic knowledge of Apache Spark, etc.

Current Openings In India: Currently, the average pay-scale of a fresher starts from approx. INR 6 lakhs in India.

7| Cloud Engineer

Job Role: This job role is tasked with establishing and deploying middleware, integrating different components of end-to-end solutions, and more. The job profile involves maintaining the cloud computing systems and working on computer hardware as well.

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Basic Requirements: Strong Java programming skills, deep understanding in web stack, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Current Openings In India: Companies like Bosch Group and Signify, Bengaluru Karnataka are offering such profile to work on.

8|  Industrial Engineer

Job Role: It involves the development of platforms and software for the IoT market and designing efficient systems that can integrate information. They also develop user-friendly products and standards for production and design.

Basic Requirements: Good knowledge of TCP/IP based network protocols, hands-on experience on networking features like QoS, Netflow, Routing, Industrial Ethernet protocols, etc.

Companies offering in India: Companies such as Cisco is providing such an opportunity.

9| Web Development Engineer

Job Role: This profile is responsible for driving the development efforts in the core UI tools while keeping updated with the latest web trends.

Basic Requirements: Experience in HTML, CSS, building scalable e-commerce applications or software, understanding of JavaScripts, AJAX, experience in the testing cross-browser, cross-platform, etc.

Current Openings In India: Companies like Amazon, Citrix in Bengaluru are offering such jobs with good packages.

10| BigData Developer

Job Role: As a Big Data Developer, a candidate is required to look out how big data can be dealt with as a superior substitute of the conventional techniques. It requires management and awareness of various distributed computing program models, figuring out NOSQL based works, etc.

Basic Requirements: Basic knowledge of SQL, Noise.js, core java, JS, OOAD and other scripting languages. Analytical tools like Python and R  is also useful.

Current Openings In India: Bosch Group, Wipro Ltd are some of the companies in Bengaluru that have openings for this role.

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