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10 Latest Data Science Internships To Apply Right Now

Internships play a significant role while building the roots of a career. It works as a bridge in a professional career. Internships in data science and machine learning help enthusiasts to apply their knowledge in real-life applications. Other benefits include experience in advanced technical skills, gaining industry experience and more.

Below here we jotted down ten latest data science internships one must apply right now.


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Applied Scientist Intern at Amazon

Location: Hyderabad

Responsibilities: During the internship, you will be responsible for using machine learning, data mining and statistical techniques to create new, scalable solutions for business problems, analyse and extract relevant information from large amounts of Amazon’s historical business data to help automate and optimise key processes, design, develop and evaluate highly innovative models for predictive learning and other such.

Apply here.

Data Science Intern at GreyAtom

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: As an intern, you will be responsible for building quality content such as social posts and blogs in data science, moderate the data science community, among others. For the internship, you need to possess strong technical development skills and knowledge of advanced topics in data science and machine learning.

Apply here.

Data Science Internship at IIBM Institute of Business Management

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: During the internship, you will be using statistical methods to analyse data and generate useful business reports, analyse client data using EDA and provide insights to improve processes as well as give them successfully to management using a reporting tool. You will also use data to create machine learning models to solve complex business problems, provide support for ad hoc requests from the Business Users and other such.

Apply here.

Data Analyst – Intern at Perkin Elmer India Pvt Ltd

Location: Hyderabad

Responsibilities: This role supports reviewing and standardising the new inventory data of GSK site, assign contract materials to equipment records, reviewing the Go-Live data in SAP, support BA team in filling the blanks in equipment records, among others.

Apply here.

Technical Management For Machine Learning & Backend Development On OCR at IIT Bombay

Location: Mumbai

Responsibilities: The day-to-day responsibilities of the intern include leading the machine learning team and guiding them in the challenges they are facing, collaborating with the backend development team and ensuring the requirements are implemented correctly, deploying the system on private servers and then handling the server operations, organising meetings with all the required stakeholders and discussing the requirements, issues, challenges, updates, and progress relevant to the project, etc.

Apply here.

Machine Learning Internship at Sarvvid AI

Location: Delhi 

Responsibilities: The day-to-day responsibilities of the machine learning intern include working with Python to design and develop machine learning models, integrating OpenCV, Tensorflow, and network security with machine learning models, working with the team to manage, optimise and customise multiple machine learning models, and other such.

Apply here.

Data Science Research Internship at Data Folkz

Location: Gurgaon

Responsibilities: The day-to-day responsibilities of the intern include working on ML projects, designing course manuals, maintaining data for all the candidates, etc. You will be using machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies develop AI-driven products and solutions.  

Apply here.

Voice Recognition And NLP Internship at SpaceOrion

Location: Delhi

Responsibilities: During this internship, you will be responsible for working on a voice recognition system development and testing with the software engineers at SpaceOrion, train the voice system and make algorithms for linguistic speech, experience in Matlab and other such.

Apply here.

Machine Learning Engineering Intern at Bulkbyte

Location: Noida

Responsibilities: The selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include designing, learning, and building advanced applications for the backend platform, working with teams to design and ship new features, discovering and evaluating new technologies such a computer vision, NLP, etc. to maximise development efficiency, working on the unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability, etc. 

Apply here.

Machine Learning Intern at RedCarpetUp

Location: Work from home

Responsibilities: During this internship, you will be responsible for working on data normalisation in core NumPy/Pandas and Tensorflow, regression testing using PyTest, result in visualisation in Bokeh, working on regular metric computation and monitoring like Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, AUC, ROC, etc. 

Apply here.

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