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10 Latest Robots In 2020 One Must Know

There is an exponential increase in the research and development by organisations and academia in the field of robotics. According to reports, robots are expected to displace 20 million human workers worldwide by the year 2030.

Not only are the researchers trying to make it more advanced and capable but also make it more human-like. For instance, researchers are trying to provide robots with the ability to feel and detect temperature changes, infuse emotional quotients and more. They are also developing robotic skin which will help the machines to understand the sense of touch, temperature change, etc. 


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In this article, we list down the 10 latest robots in 2020 one must know.

(The robots are listed in alphabetical orders)

1| Ballie 

Country: South Korea

Creator: Samsung

At CES 2020, Samsung introduced its small rolling robot assistant that is intended to assist the users around the house. The robot is designed to understand, support and react to the user’s needs around the house. According to sources, Ballie includes on-device AI capabilities that enable it to be a fitness assistant and a mobile interface that seeks solutions for people’s changing needs.

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2| BellaBot 

Country: China

Creator: PuduTech

Unveiled during the CES 2020, BellaBot is a cat-faced full-dimensional sensory delivery robot developed by the Chinese firm, known as PuduTech. The robot is equipped with innovative multi-modal interaction and helps in making food delivery more friendly in manner. The robot is developed using Pudu Slam, which is a multi-sensor fusion SLAM algorithm independently developed by Pudu. It adopts a combination of various sensors such as vision camera, lidar, IMU, encoder, an RGB-D depth camera and ultrasonic radar.

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3| C-Astra

Country: India 

Creator: Invento Robotics

Launched by Invento Robotics in April this year, C-Astra is a smart LiDAR robot that helps in screening patients as well as disinfecting areas. C-Astra is a semi-automatic robot that is also being used to fight coronavirus. It used UVC light to disinfect buildings and thermal cameras to record the temperature of the body. 

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4| Jivaka

Country: India

Creator: Parel Workshop

Launched by Parel Workshop of Central Railways, Jivaka is a remote-controlled rover that works as a virtual healthcare worker. This med-bot performs several activities related to the patient’s care, such as measuring blood pressure, oxygen saturation level, the temperature of the body, among others.

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5| MarsCat

Country: China

Creator: Elephant Robotics

Developed by Elephant robotics, MarsCat is a bionic intelligent home robot that aims to comfort and surprise the user. It is fully autonomous and can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face and play with toys. The robot includes quad-core Raspberry PIa and has features like image recognition, distance perception, etc.

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6| Neon

Country: South Korea

Creator: Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research Labs STAR

At CES 2020, Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research Labs STAR unveiled Neon, which is a computationally created virtual being that not only looks like a human but also behaves like a real human being. The virtual being can show emotions, communicate with human affect, intelligence, learn from experience and create new memories. According to sources, the virtual being can assist with goal-oriented task,s and can also be personalised for tasks that need a human touch.

Know more here.

7| PowerEgg X 

Country: China

Creator: PowerVision Robot Corporation

PowerEgg X is a high-performance drone that is suitable for highly dynamic aerial photography, where the user can control real-time 1080P image transmission within a distance of 3.7Mile.

The PowerEgg X features strong face recognition capabilities and is continuously improving through deep learning training to follow the object when taking a photo or recording a video. It has a flight time of 30 minutes.

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8| Surena IV

Country: Iran

Creator: University of Tehran

This year, a team of 50 Iranian roboticists from the University of Tehran’s Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) unveiled one of its most advanced humanoid robots known as Surena IV. The robot shows several human-like capabilities such as grasping a water bottle, writing its name on a whiteboard, mimicking a human’s pose. The robot relies on a whole-body motion controller that continuously adjusts its posture to avoid falls. Also, the custom force sensors on the bottom of its feet assist the robot in stepping over uneven surfaces. It can do so by adjusting the angle and position of each foot.  

Know more here.

9| Stretch RE1

Country: US

Creator: Hello Robot

Stretch RE1 is a lightweight and low-cost mobile robot that is equipped with a telescoping arm. It is said that the robot is designed for researchers developing robot applications to help people in homes as well as workplaces. The developers designed this new kind of robot for autonomous operation, and it interacts with people by using a low mass, contact-sensitive body. The robot is composed of a gripper, a computer, sensors and software including Python interfaces and ROS integration. 

Know more here.

10| Vyommitra

Country: India

Creator: Indian Space Research Organisation

Vyommitra is a female humanoid robot unveiled by the Indian Space Research Organisation this year. The robot is said to be capable of doing multiple tasks and is expected to fly in the first unmanned flight as part of the first human spaceflight programme (Gaganyaan), which is scheduled for later this year. The robot is said to speak two languages and can also mimic human crew like switch-panel operations and more.

Watch the video here.

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