10 Mobile Apps All Data Scientist Should Have On Their Smartphones

Being one of the highest paying job roles, the data science domain involves complex computations. And because of that, a data scientist is always stuck to his/her laptop. The professionals are becoming so used to their laptops and computers that they tend to stick to them even for some of the things that can be done on a smartphone.

Here are some of the key apps that will make any data scientist’s life easier and more portable:


Data science is an incredibly vast field — the process of learning never stops. Irrespective of the designation, data scientist always keep themselves busy learning new things. And this where MOOCs come into the play. A MOOC can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world. On can have easy access to course materials and professional guidance from some of the best mentors. And today, some of the best MOOC platforms have made things a lot easier for people with their mobile apps.

Here are some of the apps you can use to keep the learning process going:

DataCamp: With a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store, DataCamp mobile app offers bite-sized data science lessons one can complete in 5 minutes or less.

Coursera: Coursera is another best learning platform with more than 2,000 courses and specializations developed by over 140 of the best colleges and universities in the world. You just need to download the app and browse the course you are looking to take up.

There are many other online learning platforms that are available on both Apple store and Google Play Store — you can always download the mobile application of your portal (if they have any) you prefer and use to carry out your learning process.

Apps For Programming

Programming is one of the major aspects of data science, and now it can be done on a smartphone too. Here are some of the programming apps data scientist can use to run their program.

QPython: With a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store, QPython is one of the most popular program engines that run Python script on your Android devices. The engine is powered with Python interpreter, editor, QPYPI, QR Code reader etc.

Learn Python: If you are looking for an app to polish your python skills or to start learning from scratch, it is one of the best platforms. The learn python app by SoloLearner has 4.8 ratings on Google Play Store and it is a greatly improved learning environment with more lessons, real practice opportunity, and community support. One can also compete and collaborate with fellow learners while surfing through short lessons and fun quizzes.

Programming Hub: With a collection of over 5000 programs (code examples), more than 20 courses and the fastest compiler in the world, Programming Hub is an amazing platform for all programming needs. The languages it covers are HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence, CSS, etc. for free.

For Brain Training

To be a data scientist, apart from programming and other technical knowledge, one also need to have the cognitive skills to deal with some of the most complex problems and find solutions to them. And to better your cognitive skills you can use the following apps:

Elevate: It is a mobile app for brain training. The app is designed in such a way that it focuses on improving attention, speaking skills, a person’s processing speed, memory, math skills, etc. The app comes with both a 14 days free trial and a free version.

Lumosity: It is another brain training app that has gained tremendous traction. Lumosity is a free brain training mobile app that consists of fun and interactive puzzle games to help to keep your mind active, putting your critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills to the test. With a Google Play Store rating of 4.2, the app is used by more than 90 million people worldwide.

Some More Productivity Apps

Microsoft Office Lens: It is a camera that lets you take pictures of whiteboards or printed documents, and later enhances the photo by cropping, sharpening, and straightening it, and make it look almost like a scanned image.

Google Keep: It is basically a note taking an app that lets you quickly note down what’s on your mind and also, set a reminder later at the right place or time. One can also get voice memos transcribed. It is definitely a go-to app for data scientist when they run into a random yet significant thought and let them not it.

Quora: It is not something that is completely new to us. Quora is a question and answer platform when one can ask a question and people from the domain try providing solutions to the query. It is definitely a must-have app, every data scientist should keep on the mobile devices

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