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10 Movies that can tell us more about future of IoT

10 Movies that can tell us more about future of IoT

Connected cars, smart devices, smartwatches.… these have been part of our mainstream science fictions since the beginning of movies itself. And off course, most of what we see in real life is an inspiration from movies and work of art that we grew up to.

Here we list down 10 movies that we believe showcases the concepts of Internet of things in an interesting, thought provoking manner.



The very essence of this sci-fi movie is in being connected, where every living thing is connected to one another. Na’vi, the extraterrestrial humanoids inhabiting the planet Pandora have sophisticated culture based on spiritual connection, theorized to be connected through a system of neuro-conductive antennae-which lets them stay connected to each other, other lives on their planet and the guiding force of Pandora- Eywa.  


Back to the future II

Everything from Hoverboards to Flying cars and Fingerprint Biometrics in this 1989 movie was a lot ahead of the technologies used back then. But what really gives an IoT touch to the movie are the goggles that Marty McFly wears, which remind us of the Google glass today, that let’s you be connected to the net, navigate  and take pictures or videos.



After all, who would have thought of an idea of a voice connected over the internet to be the love interest of the male protagonist. This romantic sci fi movie was a first of its kind to have a human being falling for an intelligent computer operating system where connected hearables could connect Theodore Twombly to Samantha, the AI assistant.


Live and Let Die

This 1973 Bond movie had a Rolex turned into a highly techy wearable, where it’s bezel could act as a magnet pilfering M’s tea spoons from across the room, creating a shield around Bond to deflect the path of a bullet and telling the time! Well, if not all of that, today’s wearable watches are loaded with quite a lot  of functionalities, the inspiration to which can be rightfully laid back to this movie.


Minority Report

Personalized advertising, facial recognition, robotic insects were some of the concepts that Steven Spielberg envisioned for 2054 through his 2002 movie- Minority Report, many of which are already making an existence. But it’s the idea of Driverless Cars and Voice-automated homes that makes it the most apt movie for our list. Who could have thought the ideas of Self driving, connected cars and home automation were already dwelling in the early 2000s!



The fact that RoboCop was half guy and half machine speaks in itself that how a hint internet of things floats through this movie. The superhuman cyborg or smart machine could thrash the baddies and damage them with much convenience.


Star Wars

The Star Wars universe had its own Internet of Things with interconnected entities all over the place. From the Force to the Droid, everything is a smart system. And for a movie that hit the screens back in 1977, talking of connectivity and automation in a place galaxy far, is a big deal!

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The futuristic thoughts in this James Cameron’s movie are rightly being applied today in the form of AI. SkyNet, an autonomous US military command and control computer network uses artificial intelligence to make its own decisions. That’s not all, the movie also saw the use of other modern technologies like wearables, Cyberdyne Units that could be used for tracking and vision improvement.


Total Recall

Boasting off the Self-driving cars, this movie played around the nitty-gritty of internet of things. Remember the scene where Arnold tries to hail a cab, which is a self-driving car with a smirky cab driver- Johnny? Yes, that was the version of an automated car back in the 1990s.



Tackling some of the implications of Industry 4.0, this sci-fi movie brings Internet of Things in full glory. Talking about technological breakthroughs in healthcare and for the well being of the planet, it speaks of the importance of an increasingly networked and machine-connected world.

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