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10 movies that show the power of Analytics

10 movies that show the power of Analytics

Bhasker Gupta

Everyone loves a good plot. There are movies that have fascinated us with a deep focus on various aspects of data science, like mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc.

Analytics India Magazine decided to compile a list of ten films that have left a mark on the global film industry and given a sneak peak into the world of analytics and data science.

However, this is quite a subjective choice and have listed them in alphabetical order. Also, we know that only ten are not enough, so we would encourage you to share your views and mention the movies that you think we have missed out and why in the comments section below.



Year of release: 2008

This movie gives insights on Newton’s method and Fibonacci numbers through the eyes of six students and their professor.

A math professor, Micky, decides to cash in at the blackjack table with six brilliant students from MIT using numbers, codes and hand gestures.


A Beautiful Mind


Year of release: 2001

This movie walks us through the life of the brilliant mathematician John Nash who won the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in game theory.

He combats schizophrenia, while working for the government breaking Soviet codes and ends up in the midst of a conspiracy. His struggle and the journey of self-discovery coupled with his love for numbers made this movie a must watch!

Here’s a clip of Nash Equilibrium explained in an interesting manner.




Year of release: 2015

The story presents the pros, cons and complexities of Artificial Intelligence in a fascinating plot. It explores the possibilities of robotics and data coupled with emotions and humanity. Also, the viewer gets to know interesting concepts around artificial intelligence like The Turing Test.

Caleb, a programmer wins an opportunity to spend a week at a mountain estate of his company owner, Nathan who explains that Caleb has to evaluate the reactions and emotions of a female robot – Ava. As they get to know each other more, Caleb gets involved in a plot to scheme her flee. Meanwhile, Nathan tells Caleb that he has been manipulated by Ava. Ava’s emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated and deceptive, beyond the imagination of the two men. Watch the movie to find out who lied.

Good Will Hunting


Year of Release: 1997

Good will Hunting is about a stubborn, mathematical genius, who knows he’s smart but pulls back from challenges due to his shady past.

There are these four people, who want to support him, but he feels threatened by their help because it means abandoning his careless and laid back attitude.

In the scene below, Cayley’s formula is showcased stating the formula for number of labeled trees on n nodes. Then it lists 8 different unlabeled trees with 10 nodes.

Minority Report


Year of Release: 2002

This movie deals with predictive analytics. Set in year 2054, Washington D.C is crime-free as a future technology makes it possible for cops to know even before a crime is committed. Predictive crime fighting at its best.

It works through 3 people known as precogs who are psychics and can see the future crimes in the way it occurs. Through advanced technology, they are able to see and analyze the data and identify the criminal before the crime is committed. However, when John Anderton, the founder of this system is accused of one such crime, he sets out to prove his innocence.


Moneyball_PosterYear of Release: 2011

A discussion on Analytics in movies is considered unrendered without Moneyball. It is probably the most definitive movie with use of analytics.

By betting against tradition and in favour of numerical analysis, General Manager of Oakland Athletics, joins forces with Peter Brand, a Yale graduate, to challenge old-school selection methods and reinvent his team using predictive modelling techniques.

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220px-PiposterYear of Release: 1998

The film Pi is all about maths and how we can use it for predictions. It personifies the power of mathematics, computers and analytics through it’s characters.

The mathematical genius, Max believes that mathematics is the language of universe and from nature to stock market, he can predict anything if he can find patterns and the key to the chaos. Looks like a data scientist’s delight.

The Bank


Year of release: 2001

The film follows the story of a maths prodigy who takes revenge on a bank. 

Jim Doyle, a mathematician devises a formula to predict the fluctuations in the stock market. The story is an intricate game of stock speculation, personal vendettas and computer hacking. It gives a detailed insight into the evil, the good and grey characters in and around “the bank.”

The Imitation Game


Year of release: 2014

This film traces the life of the cryptanalyst Alan turing during the dark times of World War II. It gives a sneak peek into the world of coding in its nascent stages.

Turing joins a team of codebreakers at a secret facility to try to decipher the code of the German enigma machine while fighting his internal battles.


Year of release: 2014


X+Y_posterA socially awkward teenage math prodigy finds new confidence and new friendships when he lands a spot on the British squad at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

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