10 Must Read Quotes From Industry Leaders At Cypher 2016

CYPHER 2017 is just a few weeks away and is already generating a lot of excitement and buzz around it. While it is looking forward to host analytics industry leaders from various sectors, from across the country, it had an impressive turnout last year too! Here we bring quotes from industry leaders that made a wave at Cypher 2016.

1. Anshu Sharma, Sr. Director, AIG

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[quote]In India there are so many micro insurance opportunities using data science that are much more feasible and tangible than other sectors. The bigger challenge is to identify the problem that you need to solve and then getting different data sets around it. It is important to identify the right data in order to get there. That data may be internal or external, the idea is to get all the data and then start building the models to finally derive a solution.[/quote]


2. Arnab Bose, MD, Abzooba

[quote]Data analytics is big nowadays, but this field is not something new or something that has recently happened. It started all the way back with Aristotle when he came up with this whole concept called Epagoge which was the theory of induction. The idea is that same philosophy continues today, where with the advent of computers and cheap data storage, we are trying to understand phenomena around us in a better way. And we are leveraging vast volume of data to help us through that understanding.[/quote]


3. Deep Thomas, CEO, Tata Insights 

[quote]If you look at the analytics opportunities in India, there is a nexus of forces. A study suggests that Indian analytics over a course of 10 years will be close to a 16-billion-dollar business. This is Indian companies investing in analytics and related aspects of it. More than 50% of companies are shifting their focus on Indian analytics business and there has been a tremendous growth in funding in terms of startup in the space.[/quote]



4. Jeürgen Hase, CEO, IoT Business, Reliance Group

[quote]If you are talking about 50 billion connected devices in five years, that means 10 billion connected devices per year. That means if you look at the Internet of Things, the time that we are sitting here and talking, we will connect around 20,000 devices per minute, and it would be happening. And with more devices getting connected, we are collecting a lot of data. It is important to collect the data first before carrying out analytics”.[/quote]


5. Michael Ferrari, Head- Data Science, The Weather Company

[quote]When you say you are a data scientist today, it doesn’t really mean anything until you dig and see what skillsets and what domain you come from. If I say biologist, it can be anyone from molecular biologist to a field biologist. They both are biologist but the core skill sets are totally different. Same thing applies to data science. The term data scientist is good because it has increased visibility, but the flip side of this field is that there is a lot of ambiguity around it[/quote].

6. Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education Services and Aarin Capital

[quote]When you are in this world, you pit yourself against the best world has. And the only chance of winning is that you know how to look at data, interpret data, analyze data and do it in your mind at the same time while facing a crowd of 150-200 people who are out there to ask you questions, look at their body language and then go bet billions of dollars. Data is definitely important and has become more important right now because we are living in an age of disruption.[/quote]

7. Ravi Vijayraghavan, VP and Head- Analytics, Flipkart

[quote]We do a lot of work on image. For instance, we use image recognition to do recommendations, particularly in clothing where you can look at the picture and based on style and texture you can provide recommendations. The motivation is to make sure that the pricing is right. Sometime sellers can take Rs. 400 shoe and say it is for Rs. 1000 and give us 60% discount. We are trying to incorporate intelligent methods to detect these kind of things[/quote].

8. Sameer Dhanrajani, Business Leader, Cognizant

[quote]Three important pivots in terms of data driven economy are—firstly there is an intense democratisation of analytics, it’s getting big with such a furious pace that we are talking about analytics everywhere. The second piece is that every organisation is embedding analytics into their operating model. Thirdly, we are all riding this wave of data science. If you take these three things in a data driven economy, we coined one term for this and that is algorithm economy”.[/quote]

9. Sandeep Mittal, MD Cartesian Consulting

[quote]We are about a 150 people now and we got about 1000 applicants on a single day, which is huge. This suggests that there is absolutely no dearth of people wanting to join this industry and the talent pool out here in India is more than willing to work for the domestic market. I don’t think talent pool should be fussed about. You can get best quality work if you have a certain view of analytics.[/quote]


10. Srinivas GR, VP & Head, Business Solutions and Analytics, Brillio

[quote]Today as we speak, analytics has become a mandate. It has become a significant competitive advantage for business. If you are not adopting analytics and you are not leveraging the power of analytics for business decision making, you are probably losing out in terms of your competition.[/quote]

Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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