10 OpenCV Projects To Check Out In 2020

10 OpenCV Projects To Check Out In 2020

Open-Source Computer Vision Library, also known as OpenCV, is a machine learning library that is used to develop computer vision applications. With the field of computer vision gaining momentum, OpenCV drastically started to accelerate with individuals as well businesses leveraging it for processing images, capturing the video as well as making applications based on face and object detection. 

Starting from large tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM etc. to several startups have deployed OpenCV for their applications. A lot of this could be attributed to its extraordinary abilities to support multi-language including MATLAB, Python and Java, and the plethora of algorithms it is equipped with. 

However, working with OpenCV can be quite challenging — not only it can be hard to navigate but also can be tedious to work through. But once, individuals get the hang of it, OpenCV allows you to create a variety of projects, ranging from detecting faces and objects, classifying human actions to tracking movements. Here are a few OpenCV projects one can check out for 2020.

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Sudoku Solver

About: Sudoku solver is an OpenCV model which was made to solve sudokus in real-time. The camera looks for the edges of the puzzle frame and puts the solved sudoku on top of it. For digit recognition, the creator used a convolutional neural network using Keras with printed characters from the different ubuntu fonts, and OpenCV has been used for edge detection.

Check out the project here.

Virtual Painting App Using OpenCV

About: This project is about creating a virtual painting application using OpenCV. It will further provide a hands-on implementation on how to make this app which will allow the users to virtually draw, without touching the keyboard, that will be displayed on the screen. It is a fun project where people can choose from ranges of colour and make drawings on air to be displayed on the monitor.

Check out the project here.

Face-Swapping App With OpenCV

About: Face filters are getting popular amid social media, whether it be on Instagram, Snapchat or FaceApp. Although it looks extremely complex, it actually is very simple to create these applications using OpenCV and Python. In this article, the creator has implemented a face-swapping technique for celebrity images using OpenCV and Python. With this project, people can make their own face filters for social media.

Check out the project here.

Create A Watermark On Images Using OpenCV

About: Watermark is usually a logo or a signature that is used on top of an image without interrupting the visibility of the image. Majorly these watermarks can be useful for sharing critical content on public platforms. This project is about creating a watermark on an original image using OpenCV. The two topics covered in this project article are — making watermarking using an image and creating watermark using a text.

Check out the project here.

Real-Time Face Mask Detection Model

About: This project is about creating a real-time face mask detection model, that will identify mask-less people among the crowd. This project can be extremely beneficial in the times of COVID where wearing masks is mandatory in many places. The focus of the project is to create a model that can detect the people who aren’t wearing masks without getting close to them. 

Check out the project here.

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Smart Attendance System

About: Smart Attendance System is a model that has been made for ZoomApp, where it can keep track of the attendance of students real-time. The user makes the work of the teachers easy, where now they just have to take a screenshot, give a date, select an excel file and upload the screenshot. The system will automatically record the data in the respective excel sheet. Such a system can be helpful for the new normal where schools and colleges are running on online classes.

Check out the project here.

Social Distancing System

About: This is a social distancing system where the camera can identify and test people who are not following social distancing amid COVID. The system can be used for social gatherings done in an indoor setting, where people can check whether social distancing is followed or not. The system leverages a histogram of oriented gradients to detect people and calculate pairwise distances.

Check out the project here.

Realtime Fare Evasion Detection

About: This project is an analytic video pipeline created for detecting real-time fare evasion. This article also shares how this system has been designed, with step-by-step guidance. Not only it will detect people in each frame, and track them across the frame; it will also classify the action of a person in each frame and perform action recognition across frames. The focus is to create an automated fare evasion model to improve the safety of subway stations, encourage law-abiding behaviour and save millions for the civic authorities.

Check out the project here.

Touch-less Display Interfaces on Edge

About: With businesses moving towards kiosks for better service delivery, touch-less interaction of the available devices has been critical amid COVID. This gesture and speech navigation is the solution to such challenges. This project will showcase how to create a human-computer interaction module to control edge devices. The creator used OpenVino tool kit, including OpenCV, to create this multi-thread gesture and sound control of kiosks.

Check out the project here.

Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel

About: With COVID outbreak rapidly increasing, systems like this can be really beneficial. This project is a smart disinfection and sanitation tunnel, which has been designed to provide maximum protection to people passing through the tunnel in around 15 seconds. With a head to toe disinfection process, this project was done on OpenCV in Python.

Check out the project here.

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