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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Machine Learning Developer Summit 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Machine Learning Developer Summit 2019

Over the last decade, machine learning has matured rapidly and continues to grow by leaps and bounds. To embrace this popularity and discuss innovations in this space, Analytics India Magazine brings to you Machine Learning Developers Summit 2019. It is set to bring the chief Machine Learning innovators and practitioners of India under one roof to share their ideas and experience about the ML space.

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Scheduled to take place from 30 to 31 January at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru, this two-day event will give attendees the complete insight of top ML innovations, tools, deployments, new trends, and much more.

Whether you are a manager, a techie, or even a C-level executive, MLDS19 is one best-of-breed event on ML that you shouldn’t miss. And if you haven’t booked your tickets, we at AIM has decided to make you think one more time about why you should attend this event.

Here are the 10 things you should look forward to at MLDS 2019:

1| Experience The Class Apart Machine Learning Content

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With 50+ speakers, 3 tracks and 50+ presentations, MLDS19 is definitely the platform that is going to deliver the cutting edge ML content to the attendees. Having a vast range of topics that are going to be covered over two days by some of the brilliant minds from the industry, attendees will have the best ML knowledge-gain session — the level of value delivered to the attendees is going to be of the highest level. It will deliver the most valuable ML content you ever wanted. It promises 20 hours of learning across two days.

Also, being one of the best events in the industry today, MLDS19 will not only help you learn about machine learning but will help you add potential to your business.

2| Get To Network With Developers Community

The lifeblood of a business is to make the right connections. The more you connect with people from the industry you serve, the more you move towards your goal. So, if you are from the machine learning space, then MLDS19 is going to be the best platform where you can make connections that will benefit you.

Hosting a significant number of Industry leaders, MLDS19 offers an excellent opportunity to connect with chiefs of the industry and peers from various segments of the machine learning space. And if you are someone who is trying to step in the area of machine learning, MLDS19 is your key to open the doors of the ML space.

3| Exposure To How ML Is Being Used In Different Verticals

Being one of the most sought after technologies of this era, ML has marked its territory in different verticals, and MLDS19 is a great platform to witness this amazing tech doing wonders. Having some of the leading personalities and companies at the event, attendees will get a complete insight into how companies from different spaces are utilising ML. It will help the attendees to think of different other ways to make use ML in their business.

4| Extensive Brain Storming Sessions With The Like Minded People

Brainstorming is a creative process for generating ideas and getting solutions. When you engage with like-minded people, you open up doors to expand your career. With over 700 attendees, MLDS19 will offer you a chance to discuss your work and the challenges of the niche industry you serve. It is one such event that you shouldn’t miss as it can be your ultimate solution to every ML challenge you are facing. And for people who are just starting out, if you have doubts about how to advance your career or how others are moving ahead, you can meet and talk to people and get all the answers you are seeking for.

5| Exposure To Hiring Opportunity And Adding Skills To Resume

With so much talent and job crisis happening in the industry, both companies and job seekers are going through tough times. Apart from talks, discussions and exhibition, MLDS19 is also going to be a platform that will provide companies with the opportunity to hire top talent and talent to get hired.

This two-day event will organise hackathons where one can showcase its skills and talents to grab the attention of some of the best companies. And in terms of companies looking for someone who is talented enough to join their firm, they can follow the hackathons and catch up with the winners. It is a win-win for both the parties.

The event also promises to polish your skills and knowledge which can be definitely added on to your resume.

6| Explore The New Innovations, Trends, and Products In ML

With a huge number of attendees and a significant number of industry leaders, MLDS19 will have an exhibition area where leading tech companies will showcase their top-tier products and give attendees a complete detail of the how to produce and deploy the latest ML frameworks and solutions for business.

MLDS19 is a  great opportunity to understand the latest tech offerings by companies and meeting them in person to explore business opportunities.

7| Generate Leads In The ML Community

As mentioned before, MLDS19 will have over 700 attendees and with such a great audience one can definitely grab the attention of the target audience. This two-day event can be one the best platforms to convert some leads as it gives you the platform to showcase what you got.

MLDS19 is not a generic tech event, but a complete package that will deliver value to its attendees in every possible way — whether you are an experienced professional or a student.

8| Hands-on Exposure To Practical Use Cases In ML

With extensive workshops by some of the chieftains of machine learning, MLDS19 will offer you an opportunity to get hands-on experience on some of the practical uses cases of ML and top-tier tools. Also, whether you are a developer or a C-level executive, this event is one of the must-attends as it is going to cover both the technical and business aspect. So, grab this opportunity to learn and adopt the best of ML world from the ML experts.

9| 40 Under 40 Data Scientists Awards

Being a data scientist is not an easy thing. A data scientist works day in and out to help companies interpret and manage data and solve complex problems using their expertise. And we at AIM believe that they definitely deserve recognition.  

MLDS19 bring you the 40 Under 40 Data Scientist Awards, an attempt to recognise young data scientists and leaders who are supporting the growth of analytics in India. Experience the competitive yet cheerful atmosphere as we give out the awards to some of the most deserved and amazing data scientists from the industry today. Don’t miss out this experience and book your seats right away.

10| Hackathon

Get a chance to win an International trip for 4D/5N to a country of your choice in south-east Asia. On Republic Day, 2019, TEG Analytics and Analytics India Magazine are organising a data science hackathon themed as “Predict Market Competitiveness For Insurance Products”.  The teams that will get shortlisted team will get a chance to showcase their solution at MLDS19. Also, the winner will be announced there itself. So, hurry and register here!

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