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10 Useful Resources To Access AI/ML Research

10 Useful Resources To Access AI/ML Research

Every month, thousands of new research papers appear on the internet. Finding the right research papers for your research work or machine learning experiments is challenging.

According to Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2021, the AI-related publications on arXiv grew more than 6x times, from 5,478 in 2015 to 34,736 in 2020. India ranked fourth in AI research papers and eighth in AI patent filing, as per NASSCOM Insights.


Here, we have curated the top resources for AI/ML research papers in 2021:

42 Papers

42 Papers is a helpful tool for finding the trending research papers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform skims through several forums and ranks them based on various features, including the names of the people in the discussions/thread. The platform aims to create a collaborative community to discover and read great papers on the web. 

arXiv Sanity

Built by Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy, arXiv Sanity Preserver is a web interface to streamline arXiv papers. The platform allows researchers to keep track of the latest papers, search for papers, sort them, check out recent popular papers, add papers to a personal library and more. This code is currently running live at, where it’s serving 25,000+ Arxiv papers from Machine Learning over the last three years.

Papers With Code

Papers With Code is a platform created and managed by Facebook AI researchers Robert Stojnic, Ross Taylor, Marcin Kardas, Viktor Kerkez, Ludovic Vlaud, Elvis, and Guillem Cucurull. The platform helps make research papers easier to discover, reproduce and extend. 

Connected Papers

Connected Papers is a unique, visual tool to help applied scientists and researchers find and explore relevant papers. Similar research papers are placed adjacently in a graph, making it easy to spot relevant papers, faster. 

Crossminds is a personalised research platform for ML/AI researchers and tech professionals. The platform offers the latest and most relevant research, industry and career updates. It also lets you track your video learning progress, take time-stamped notes, interact with the community to build a unique knowledge base, and share your research talks and project videos with 1 million users across the globe. 


CatalyzeX offers one of the most extensive collections of machine learning models and code. The platform allows engineers, developers, and technical leaders to quickly discover and apply relevant machine learning techniques to their projects and research works. In addition, it offers direct access to code for papers from Google, ArXiv, Scholar, Twitter, etc.  

See Also

Yannic Kilcher

An AI and ML enthusiast, Yannic Kilcher makes exciting and easy to understand videos about machine learning papers, programming, and issues of the AI community, alongside highlighting the broader impact of artificial intelligence in the society.

What’s AI

AI expert Louis Bouchard’s brainchild, ‘What’s AI’, is a go-to resource for understanding artificial intelligence terms and news. The platform demystifies the AI ‘black box’ for everyone and sensitises people about the risks of using it. 

AI Coffee Break with Letitia

In this video channel, Letiția Pârcălăbescu explains AI-related concepts in layman’s terms. AI Coffee Break with Letitia offers lighthearted bite-sized machine learning videos. It contains videos about natural language processing, computer vision and more. 

Two Minute Papers

Two Minute Papers by Károly Zsolnai-Fehér showcases the latest and most exciting AI and ML research developments. The videos are simple, and even the most advanced and recent AI research works are explained thoroughly. 

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