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10 YouTube Channels Every AI Aficionado Must Follow

10 YouTube Channels Every AI Aficionado Must Follow

Right now we are in the middle of one of the greatest transformations of pedagogical practices in the history of mankind. The Internet is to modern man what printing press was to the Renaissance era.

Making information easily accessible is one of the most remarkable implications of the internet since its invention. With time, the ways of conveying information have only changed. Especially, the field of academics. And, with youtube, mastery is just a click away. The increasing popularity of YouTube has seen a sporadic shift of educators, students and experts from conventional pedagogy.

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For the intellectually curious, YouTube offers a wide range of options from how to make paper boats to how to build a rocket. Artificial Intelligence is one such keyword which always comes on top of the searches.

Here is a list of YouTube channels dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence:


1,483,022 subscribers

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3 Blue 1 Brown does it in one video what otherwise take 10 years of school; that is the visualization of the concepts. This channel’s creator has marvelled at conveying complex mathematical topics in the most intuitive ways possible. The series on calculus and neural networks does wonders for audience of any level of expertise. The teaching style is exemplary and is second to none.


1,269,170 subscribers


A sister channel of Numberphile, one of the finest channels on Youtube which hits the nail from the very first second. They produce short videos packed full of concepts communicated through wit and wisdom. The host plays the role of audience and asks questions which usually trouble amateurs. Thus making it an interactive experience. The videos focus primarily on the science behind how computers work. This knowledge is crucial for learning concepts like computer vision and the computational powers of GPU.

Brandon Rohrer

43,672 subscribers


Brandon Rohrer owns one of the greatest interactive tutorial channels on YouTube. He is a data scientist at Facebook and he clearly knows what he talks about. He cuts down on the jargon surrounding data science and conveys the concepts with intuitive real-world examples. If you had to watch one channel to learn and know the language of a data scientist, then it better be this one.


591,312 subscribers


The channel’s host Harrison Kinsley conducts interactive coding sessions and walks the audience through every line of code, explaining the reason behind every single trivial error. These videos are a rich source of information for anyone who is serious about a career in data science. Sentdex brings back fun to coding in a great way.

Luis Serrano

31,260 subscribers


Luis Serrano has a way of getting things across. He is the head of data science content at Udacity and brings in the great level of enthusiasm to his youtube videos to demystify complex topics, mainly in mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Two Minute Papers

193,782 subscribers

A new research paper on AI gets released every other day. It can be a small adjustment in the gradient descent method which improved accuracy by 0.5% or something big as GANs. Whatever be the number, Two Minute Papers ensures that the audience does not miss out on papers of relevance. This channel keeps the subscriber up to date with the latest, most significant advancements in the field of AI.

StatQuest with Josh Starmer

43,561 subscribers


Statistics and data analysis are a lot easier than most people think. Because computers do the math for you, the most important thing is to understand the concepts and main ideas, and these are pretty simple and the host Josh Starmer makes learning statistics fun. The videos are short and informative and make a great source for those who are starting out in the field of data science and also to those who need to have a quick look at concepts before an interview.

See Also

Sciencephile the AI

159,594 subscribers


This is one of the most terrifyingly intelligent channels on YouTube. These videos not only make the audience to think very deeply about the emergence of AI but also have a good laugh at the naivety of humans as a species.

Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM)

13,782 subscribers


CBMM aims to create a new field — the Science and Engineering of Intelligence — by bringing together computer scientists, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists to work in close collaboration. This new field is dedicated to developing a computationally based understanding of human intelligence and establishing an engineering practice based on that understanding.

The Artificial Intelligence Channel

80,731 subscribers


This channel is primarily focused on the future of artificial intelligence but also posts videos related to the technological singularity, transhumanism, anti-aging, synthetic biology, space exploration, technological unemployment, basic income and more.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term and its branches have their own sub-branches. The topic of AI sparks various interests amongst a wide section of society. It can be about the maths of machine learning, statistics or even the ethical usage of AI.

And, there is nothing better than a free open source platform like YouTube to satiate the urge to learn new things with great authenticity.

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