11 Startups In India Using AI And Robotics To Fight Covid-19

The fight for Covid-19 is still on, and companies across the globe are now leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and more to battle its containment. In India too, startups are leveraging tools and solutions to help fight the pandemic, as the number of cases in the country cross 5 lakh mark. As the businesses are resuming and the lockdown is lifted in many areas, there is a need to employ measures for the safety of employees. Here we list 11 startups that are using AI to fight it. 


This T-Hub incubated startup has developed an AI-based drone monitoring solution which can be crucial in supporting the police and urban local bodies in their work. It can be deployed in around 30-50 drones at a time at any given location which can then send accurate images to the ground station to help them keep track of the situations. It can be especially useful in hotspots, hospitals and unsecured locations. It uses live imaging and computer vision for monitoring public places and managing drones. 


This Hyderabad-based deep tech startup has developed a contactless and wireless thermal scanning device that measures the exact temperature of individuals. Called NEEM, the device records the precise temperature data of individuals within a distance of 15 cm from it. This AI-enabled device records the temperature without any manual intervention and can be integrated into any healthcare platform. Incubated by Hyderabad-based incubator T-Hub, it specialises in creating self-powered IoT devices that can improve energy consumption and efficiency for a range of products including sensors, wearables, retail tech, connected cars and other smart devices. 


The AI-based computer vision solution developed by another T-Hub incubated startup is called Safevision which can be integrated into existing CCTV or drone cameras to monitor crowds in public places including shopping malls, stations, hospitals and more. This AI-based product analyses the video footage in real-time and alerts safety officers in case of safety violations. It also monitors people for wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintaining social distance through computer vision and image analysis. 


This startup is using state-of-the-art deep tech such as AI with medical records to provide users’ health status. To predict Covid-19 patients in real-time, it has built the first portable IR thermal sensor infused with AI algorithms. Apart from predicting the patient, the AI-based solution also monitors recurrence of the virus once the patients are cured. 

Invento Robotics

This Bengaluru-based startup is repurposing its robots to help doctors and healthcare workers with screening in case they are exposed to infected patients. The screening robot collects patients data and carries out validation such as temperature checks in a contactless manner. It enables a video conversation with doctors to procure prescriptions. It will be deployed in more than 10 hospitals across the city. 


This deep tech startup based out of Mumbai uses deep learning technology to undergo X-ray screening which can be used to detect Covid-19 symptoms. The startup, which already used AI for X-ray detection, further trained their algorithms to go a step further to predict a Covid risk score which tells the likelihood of a patient having Covid-19 from these X-rays. These algorithms are equipped to run on cloud hardware and are currently being deployed in 40+ sites across 7 countries. 


Having explored CCTV surveillance for some time, this Chennai-based startup has ventured into addressing Covid-19. It monitors areas such as detecting face masks violation, social distancing violation, PPE violation, hand sanitizer usage, and more. It reads data directly from the CCTV camera feeds, runs computer vision and neural network analysis to check for the protocols. Authorities can view these violations on dashboards and mobile apps. It can even be integrated with IoT devices. Various industries such as manufacturing, IT, Pharma are using it. 


This Gurgaon-based startup is using facial recognition systems and AI-based thermal cameras for detecting Covid-19 patients. The camera called JARVIS helps in creating a real-time alert in case it detects a person with increased body temperature. The camera has a range of up to 100 meters and can monitor multiple people at the same time. It is highly effective and functional in crowded places like airports, railway stations, malls, etc. Its suite of services offers COVID-19 identification, suspect tracing, PPE monitoring, safety people analytics, and more.


This startup incubated under T-Hub’s incubator program launched an AI-based computer vision product that can be integrated into CCTV. It can make detections such as person coughing, person without masks, detect crowd assembly, number of people in and out of premises, monitoring body temperature, and more. This Hyderabad-based startup provides solutions such as annotation platform, facial recognition, edge deployment, among others to solve real-time business problems. 

Veda Labs

This Gurgaon-based startup recently launched AI-based safety features for retailers to ensure safety at the workplace at the times of pandemic. It plans to install this tech-based safety feature in more than 4500 stores across the country in the next 18 months to keep the environment safe and secure. Primarily conceptualized to make everyday CCTV cameras smart using AI and machine learning, Vedalabs’ Covid-19 safety solutions will ensure social distancing, provide occupancy alerts, and thermal screening and visitor authentication in a contactless manner. It uses computer vision in existing CCTV cameras. It is also using facial recognition technology to enable contactless attendance and thermal screening. 

Vehant Technologies

An IIT-Delhi incubated startup, Vehant Technologies has developed an AI-based automated temperature monitoring system. Combining visual and thermal camera, this dual system can be applied to an array of premises. A pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning-based physical security, surveillance, and traffic monitoring and junction enforcement solutions, this AI-based intelligent analytics solution can be used for face mask detection and monitoring social distancing while ensuring non-contact detection and providing real-time alerts.

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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