12 Companies Join Hands To Organise The Biggest Hiring Hackathon For Data Scientists

12 Companies Join Hands To Organise The Biggest Hiring Hackathon For Data Scientists

Design by 12 Companies Join Hands To Organise The Biggest Hiring Hackathon For Data Scientists

MachineHack, an online platform for machine learning competitions, for the first time, has collaborated with 12 companies to launch the biggest hiring hackathon for data scientists — ‘The Great Indian Hiring Hackathon’. This first-of-its-kind ML hackathon, kicking off 6th of November, and running till 23rd of November 2020, will help data science professionals to prove their mettle and land up in a rewarding career.

As a part of the initiative, MachineHack collaborated with 12 prominent companies — Aditya Birla Group, Bridgei2i, Concentrix, Fractal, Genpact, Lowe’s, MiQ, Piramal, Scienaptic, Vmware, WellsFargo and Zycus — with an aim to bring a chance for the data science and machine learning community to compete for landing on their desired jobs.

The hiring hackathon is open to data scientists, machine learning practitioners, professionals as well as enthusiasts who are willing to build a career in this domain. With this hackathon, MachineHack aims to bring out the prospective talent in the industry to the potential recruiters. MachineHack is expecting a participation of 1000 enrollees for this hackathon, engaging top talent in the machine learning community.

Typically in machine learning hackathons the participants, in order to top the leaderboard, are given a problem statement and need to work with a dataset to create an accurate model. For the Great Indian Hiring Hackathon, once the leaderboard is created, these 12 companies will shortlist top candidates based on their recruitment criteria, and interview them. The idea of this hackathon is to bring in focus on virtual hackathon as a non-traditional channel of recruitment. 

Bhasker Gupta, CEO & Founder, AIM said, “Since its inception, MachineHack has aimed to empower data scientists to innovate. Data scientists, despite having tremendous talent and innovation to offer, are facing unprecedented challenges during this pandemic, and we at MachineHack want to tap into that pool of talent. Thus, we are proud to join hands with 12 prominent companies of the industry to make a difference.”

The launch has come soon after revamping its entire platform, making it a robust enough platform to host the best and most challenging hackathons on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. The platform has also launched a ‘Practice’ section for beginners to advance their machine learning skills.

Although COVID pandemic has negatively impacted the global economy, there have been a few companies across the industry that have continued to augment at a steady pace and hire talents for their organisation. With MachineHack’s virtual hackathon participating individuals will receive an experience of getting interviewed by these prominent organisations that have been brought together under the umbrella. These virtual hackathons by MachineHack attract the best talent of the industry thus can act as the right platform for hiring future potentials of recruitment.

Pre-register for ‘The Great Indian Hiring Hackathon’ and get notified once the Data and Submission are available.

Click here to pre-register.

About MachineHack:

MachineHack is a platform where current and future data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts compete in various real-world problems and showcase their skills. Conceptualised almost 2.5 years ago, MachineHack provides an online platform for the data science and machine learning community with the best-in-class hackathons. The hackathons at MachineHack are curated by industry experts and developers of all proficiency levels in machine learning can find them useful. So far, it has provided a platform to over 20,000 machine learning enthusiasts to compete and have hands-on experience with data science tools to solve some of the near real-life business problems. 

Know more about MachineHack here.

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Sejuti Das
Sejuti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine (AIM). Reach out at sejuti.das@analyticsindiamag.com

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