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12 Most Popular Videos From Analytics India Magazine: 2018

12 Most Popular Videos From Analytics India Magazine: 2018

Throughout 2018, Analytics India Magazine (AIM) has been reporting some of the coolest stuff that happened in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning worldwide. This year we also did substantial video coverage to explain to our viewers some of the interesting developments in a more vibrant format.


As we spoke to experts and important stakeholders in the industry about AI and ML, the response from our viewers have been very positive and humbling. So, here are our top 12 picks of AIM’s most popular videos from 2018.

1. Top 10 Analytics/Data Science Training Institutes In India- Ranking 2017: In an attempt to guide future aspirant of data analytics to take up the right course from the right place, in the video, we ranked the top 10 institutes in India and highlighted each of their flagship analytics programme.

2. 6 Types of Classification Algorithms: This short 2.5 minutes video explains about the six most commonly used classification algorithms and their features.

3. Top 10 Executive Analytics Courses in India – Ranking 2017: The video provides a roadmap to analytics professionals in excelling their skills. To arrive at our top 10 picks, we took into consideration factors like the institute’s pedagogy, external collaborations, faculty among many other features.

4. Meet MITRA – the Robot and its creators: Built entirely in India, Mitra came into limelight when it greeted VIPs such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). In this video, we give you a behind the scene scoop of Invento Robotics, the makers of Mitra. In an exclusive interview with AIM, Balaji Viswanathan, CEO of the company talks to us about his start-up and their journey.

5. Transition Cost, Chapter 1 (Chapter 1): The video was released as a prelude to our documentary, Transition Cost, which closely observers what the industry experts have to say about the pros and cons of AI.

6. Meet ‘Norman’, World’s First Psychopathic AI: Norman is an AI that is trained to perform image captioning, in this video, we give you audio clips of some of the oddest things that Norman has said.

7. Indian Humanoid Robots And Their Success Stories: This video brings together the eight humanoid robots developed in India. It briefly explains about the makers of the humanoid and the area in which it is used.

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8. 5 Lakh Indians Have Proposed The Virtual Personal Assistant: When scores of Indians asked the Google Assistant to marry them, we couldn’t help take the anecdote of Spike Jonze’s movie Her (2013)

9. Being Women in Analytics – The Balancing Act: AIM caught up with some of the prominent women leaders across tech organisations to learn from them first-hand about gender diversity, equal pay, maternity leave, being the only women in the boardroom etc.

10. Behind NASSCOM’s IoT Center of Excellence: Sudhanshu Mittal of NASSCOM talked to AIM about their Bengaluru centre which is dedicated to creating innovative applications and domain capability across verticals in India

11. Behind The Scenes: Data Visualisation In Business Intelligence ft BDB: Avin Jain, CEO of Big Data BizViz talks about their new business intelligence platform BDB. He talks about how the micro-services architecture-based platform can be integrated with business applications

12. Behind The Scenes: Philips Innovation Campus, Bengaluru: Vijayananda J, chief architect and fellow, Data Science and AI, Philips talks to us about Philip’s contribution to the field. AIM visited the sprawling campus of Philips Innovation Campus to get an insider perspective.

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