12 Plugins that Make GPT-4 Complete

With the introduction of ChatGPT Plus plugins, a whole new real-time world has opened up for the chatbot users.
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When ChatGPT was soaring high with its complex query resolution and now multimodality with GPT-4, the only string that was pulling it back from taking on the biggest search engine was the absence of real-time data. However, with the launch of ChatGPT Plugins, OpenAI has addressed this bottleneck as well. 

The new plugins connect ChatGPT Plus to third-party applications which enables the platform to interact with APIs defined by developers. Following an initial waitlist, 11 plugins were officially launched last week by OpenAI. The functions of the plugins range from retrieving information that is real-time, knowledge-based to also perform actions on behalf of the users, such as booking tickets, ordering food, and more. ChatGPT Plus plugins are currently available as a “limited alpha release” for developers and insiders. Others can enrol for a waitlist


Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies that helps travellers plan and book hotels, flights, rental cars, activities and other travel services. Headquartered in Seattle, the company made a revenue of $8.6B in 2022. Through the Expedia plugin, users can interact with the chatbot to plan any travel itinerary. The chatbot customises and suggests options based on user criteria such as age, children, additional facilities, and more. Right from vacation suggestions to booking tickets, the plugin aims to help users address any travel booking needs. 

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Wolfram is a company that creates software and tools for computation, data science, and artificial intelligence. Founded by Stephen Wolfram in 1987, headquartered in Illinois, the Wolfram plugin helps ChatGPT Plus users access maths, computation, knowledge across subjects, and real-time data through Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Language. Much like a typical conversation, users can interact with the plugin and get answers to factual queries that use structured data and algorithms in subjects varying from physics, chemistry, geography, statistics and many more. 

As a teaser to the upcoming plugin, an article highlighting the advantages of combining ChatGPT and Wolfram was released by Stephen Wolfram in January 2023. 

You can watch the scheduled developer demo for Wolfram here


A web-based automation tool, Zapier allows users to connect different web applications and automate tasks and workflows between them. The tasks can vary from data entry, file transfers, email notifications, and can be used across domains such as Marketing, Business and Sales Operations, IT, and more. Zapier has partnered with over 5000+ companies including Gmail, Salesforce, Trello and Zoho. With this plugin, enterprise management is becoming more convenient where users can facilitate tasks through a chatbot.  


Source: Speak

Bringing learning to the ChatGPT platform is an AI-powered language tutor, Speak. This application allows users to learn languages via conversational practice with an AI tutor. Users can learn different languages as well as converse with the chatbot.

Fiscal Note

Fiscal Note is a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence. Operating as a government analysis platform, the company provides real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory data. It has partnered with analytics and research firms like CQ, FrontierView, Oxford Analytics, VoterVoice, and others. Users can get access to market and regulatory information through this plugin. 


Another plugin to cater to the travel segment—Kayak. An online travel agency and metasearch engine, Kayak allows users to search for any travel-related information such as flights, hotels, packages, and alike. With the plugin integration, ChatGPT Plus will act as a “virtual travel assistant” and interact in a conversational manner. Personalised recommendations based on user search will also be provided. 


Online grocery delivery and pick-up service Instacart allows users to shop for groceries from a range of grocery partners. The company has tie-ups with over 40,000 stores including Whole Foods, Costco, Safeway and several others. With the plugin integration, users can now order food ingredients via ChatGPT Plus. 


ChatGPT’s new plugin caters to restaurant business. OpenTable is an online restaurant reservation platform where users can reserve seats based on real-time availability. Not just users, OpenTable also provides services to restaurants that help optimise their operations. With this plugin, ChatGPT Plus users can book tables based on reviews and other information provided by the platform. 


Klarna Shopping

Klarna Shopping allows customers to shop for products online and pay for them later via instalments or single payment. The platform even offers long-term financing options. 


Another shopping platform plugin, Shop developed by Shopify, is a shopping and delivery tracking application. It allows users to receive notifications about order updates and help discover products and merchants based on their shopping preference. With the plugin, users can directly interact and shop for relevant products based on their specific needs. 

Milo Family AI

Milo calls itself an ‘AI Co-pilot for Parents’. Milo helps in organising and planning out tasks, messages and other functions within a family. Powered by GPT-4, the application is said to sort all family tasks. As the product is not yet launched (waitlist), its full capabilities are still unknown. 

More Plugins

OpenAI has not stopped with the above. As we speak, newer plugins are being integrated into ChatGPT. The latest plugin ‘ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin with Memory’ works on giving ChatGPT memory by remembering information from conversations and storing it in a retrieval plugin. 

Recently, a hacker on twitter posted that there are over 80 unreleased plugins which can be revealed when a specific parameter is removed from the API. The categories of these plugins range from crypto, sports, shopping and many others. 

The above representation includes plugins that are still in progress
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