12 Resources to Master Prompt Engineering

In an era when AI threatens to wipe out jobs, prompt engineering is an essential skill to learn to stay relevant.
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In an era when AI threatens to wipe out jobs, prompt engineering is an essential skill to stay relevant. Goldman Sachs recently published a report which suggests that approximately 18% of jobs around the world may be automated by generative artificial intelligence (AI), potentially affecting up to 300 million jobs. 

So in a scenario like this, prompt engineering is a skill that will shape the future of technology. A well-crafted prompt can mould the output into your desired form. It is like an empirical science that starts with a basic prompt and gradually layering on complexity. In an era when AI threatens to wipe out jobs, prompt engineering is an essential skill to learn to stay relevant. 

We have curated a list of useful resources for you to master prompt engineering. Let’s take a look.   

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ChatGPT Prompt Book

The ChatGPT Prompt Book consists of over 300 unique writing prompts generated by the ChatGPT language model, designed for creative thinking and finding new ideas and perspectives. The prompts cover a diverse range of subjects and are adaptable to various writing styles and genres, making them useful for writers of all levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.

OpenAI Best Practices

If you are new to the field of prompt engineering, OpenAI’s GitHub repository consisting of best practices for the same is a good resource to start with e.g. the OpenAI Prompt Cookbook.


Adding to the extensive list of prompt engineering resources is the GitHub repository PromptPapers. This repository contains a collection of essential papers on tuning pre-trained language models using prompts, as well as other useful learning materials.

Midjourney Prompt Helper

Midjourney Prompt Helper is a prompt generator for converting text to image, crafted exclusively for Midjourney and Dall-E, with a focus on ease of use and accessibility for users.

DALL-E Prompt Book

An additional resource for leveraging the complete potential of DALL-E with engaging prompts is the DALL-E Prompt Book, which is a downloadable guide in PDF format that includes fundamental tips for prompts related to photography, illustration, 3D styles, and other topics. 

Emergent Mind

Emergent Mind offers a collection of useful ChatGPT examples sourced from different websites. It provides an opportunity to explore a wide range of interesting and entertaining prompts, along with their sources, use cases, and origins. The platform also features a Hotlist, the latest additions, and an all-time best of, making it a valuable resource for discovering new prompts. 

Learn Prompting

Besides offering extensive prompt engineering documentation and course, Learn Prompting platform also has a Discord server that has attracted over 1,000 members, making it an excellent platform to exchange ideas, find potential partners for collaboration, or just socialise with like-minded individuals and stay updated. 

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PromptPerfect is a state-of-the-art prompt optimiser tool that enhances prompts for various types of language models, including ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL.E, and StableDiffusion. With PromptPerfect’s multi-goal optimisation, users can customise the prompt optimisation to their specific needs, such as faster optimisation or shorter prompts.


PromptCraft-Robotics is a GitHub repository where individuals can test and share interesting prompts that are specifically designed for LLMs related to robotics. The platform offers a robotics simulator, which is integrated with ChatGPT. PromptCraft-Robotics welcomes users to contribute prompts derived from other LLMs, including GPT-3, GPT-4 and Codex, as well as open-sourced models. Submissions are divided into different robotics genres such as manipulation, home robotics, physical reasoning, and many others.  The platform encourages users to format their prompt submissions in markdown and specify which LLM they used.

Maximising the Potential of LLMs: A Guide to Prompt Engineering

Maximising the Potential of LLMs: A Guide to Prompt Engineering gives us an overview of how to harness the full potential of LLMs by generating customised prompts for specific use cases. In addition to delving into the nature of LLMs, their capabilities, and their limitations, the guide also offers insights into the various tasks that LLMs can perform.

Prompt Engineering Guide 

The Github repository called Prompt Engineering Guide is a treasure trove of resources for those interested in prompt engineering, including learning guides, scientific papers, blog links, tutorials, and datasets. It’s an all-encompassing resource that’s valuable to both developers and practitioners.

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts consist of You can utilize the many prompts found in this repository with ChatGPT. This encourages you to expand the list with your prompts and to use ChatGPT to create new prompts.

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Shritama Saha
Shritama Saha is a technology journalist who is keen to learn about AI and analytics play. A graduate in mass communication, she is passionate to explore the influence of data science on fashion, drug development, films, and art.

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