13 Leading Data Science Products From India That Made It Big In 2019

There has been a steady increase in the analytics and data science service providers in India facilitating the adoption of analytics functions across organisations. Analytics products and services may come in various forms, helping companies transform the way they conduct business. This year, Analytics India Magazine brings a list of ‘Top 13 Data Science & Analytics Products in India’ that are helping organisations to make decisions with data. It lists 13 amazing data science products that are transforming the industry. 

Please note that this is not a ranking and the list is in no particular order. 

1| SOLUS By Cartesian Consulting

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SOLUS takes a holistic view of the intelligence needed for customer engagement. It contains a data layer that synthesises information about the customer into a single view enabling better analytics. This data feeds into a customer-centric targeting layer that applies deterministic as well as model-based rules to identify customer engagement. It contains a hybrid recommender system that fuses customer preferences and the results of multiple recommendation systems to identify the ideal product to offer. It also helps in determining which customer to target at what point in time and why.  The system continually learns and recalibrates itself from data, so that it always stays relevant. 

Key Differentiation Factor: The key differentiators of SOLUS from the pack are that it is purposed for Brick and Mortar, solves data sparsity, enriched with domain expertise, it is an extensible recommender system, aids communication crafting, among others. 

Clients And Sectors Serves: It currently serves clients across BFSI, QSR and retail. They have seven clients currently. 

About The Company: Cartesian was founded in 2009 and is based in Mumbai. It is a global analytics services firm specialising in customer, marketing and business analytics. They help brands across the world improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilise their data for business decisions and marketing interventions.

2| ADAPTify By Actify Data Labs

ADAPTify is a no-coding workflow-based end-to-end data and analytics platform developed by Actify Data Labs. It addresses all the pieces of the jigsaw that are necessary to convert data to dollars. Using ADAPTify one can create a data lake and data marts on top of the data lake in less than six weeks. It includes pre-built connectors to all common databases, extensive drag-and-drop and data-wrangling components, has the ability to build machine learning models, change data capture, perform a cost-benefit analysis, among others. 

Key Differentiation Factor: It can address data quality and data governance needs, has automated metadata management, perform a cost-benefit analysis of machine learning models, provides collaborative dashboards, among others. 

Clients And Sector It Serves: It is currently serving seven clients across industries such as insurance, banking, lending and manufacturing. 

Geographies Served: India, APAC, US.

About The Company: Actify Data Labs is an augmented intelligence company that delivers rapid business impact using data science and data engineering capabilities. It was founded in 2018 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of True North, a USD 2.8 Billion Private Equity Fund, with a 20-year history of investing in and transforming mid-sized companies. It is headquartered in Bengaluru. 

3| HealthWorksTM By TEG Analytics

HealthWorks is part of TEG’s Product-First strategy. It is a comprehensive solution that mimics consumer choice in Medicare Advantage by comparing and contrasting more than 5000+ variables across plan costs, plan benefits, market factors, regulatory changes, and many more. It helps Health Plans identify the top attributes that lead to plan competitiveness, predict enrolments, design better products by simulating benefit design, and ultimately creating winning plans. All of the capabilities are delivered through a self-serve cloud-based solution that can be activated in as little as two days to help health Plans focus on decision making and driving higher value to their organization

Key Differentiation Factor: Predictive algorithm that forecasts enrolment of each plan in the entire nation comes alive within 48 hours of data release from CMS. This helps health plans to learn about their product competitiveness and course-correct their sales and marketing tactics to be successful.

Clients And Sectors It Serves:  Top leading health plans including several Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, provider-led health plans like Johns Hopkins, and some of the new entrants in the Medicare Advantage. These health plans are leveraging HealthWorks to drive profitable growth for their business as they land and expand.

Geographies Served: All of US

About the Company: TEG Analytics is a data-science-as-a-services company and helps organisations make better decisions at the intersection of business, technology, and applied mathematics. It focuses on the alignment between the speed of business and the speed of insights. It has helped market leaders across various industry verticals. TEG Analytics was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Westport CT with delivery headquarters in Bengaluru.

4| BRIDGEfunnel By Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

BRIDGEfunnel is a sales enablement product that is based on the concept of Guided Selling. It delivers actionable sales tactics and recommendations on every deal. The product improves win rates within B2B sales organisations with complex deal cycles and sales motions across direct and indirect channels. The product has a machine learning layer that includes a natural language processing engine, a recommendation engine, a similarity engine, and a risk calculation engine. AI is used to auto-tune these algorithms.

Key Differentiation Factor: Its patent-pending ability to capture win-loss interviews at scale using a voice interface sets it apart. It also uses ML algorithms to extract sales strategies and tactics embedded within these interviews, and dynamically generates a strategy for every live deal.

Clients And Sectors It Serves: It currently serves one large enterprise with 250+ users and has multiple pilots in progress. Some of the sectors it serves are technology hardware, networking, SaaS, software, security, Industrials, services, corporate banking, financial services, insurance.

Geographies served: US, Europe.

About the Company: BRIDGEi2i is a trusted partner for enabling AI for digital enterprises by leveraging data engineering, advanced analytics, proprietary AI accelerators and consulting expertise. It enables businesses to contextualise data, generate actionable insights from complex business problems, and make data-driven decisions across pan-enterprise processes to create sustainable business impact. 

5| Discovery – An Insights Analyst-on-Demand Solution By Course5i

It is a centralised and cross-functional information discovery & insights solution that can deliver factual, casual, predictive and prescriptive insights in an automated fashion. The solution facilitates contextual and actionable insights across multiple consumption mediums such as chatbots, voice assistants, information portals, enterprise BI platforms, emails and more. It is targeted for both Desktop and Mobile users and is available both on-premises and on-cloud. It has six core components — data integration and transformation service, business semantic layer, model factory, real-time decision engine, a graph-based book of knowledge and insights publishing service. 

Key Differentiation Factor: It drives quick decision-making through immediate analysis of actionable insights. It can bring transparency via a closed-feedback loop, allow to act on personalised insights and more. 

Clients And Sectors It Serves: It is currently adopted by four large enterprises. The clients are from technology, CPG and retail sectors. 

Geographies Served: North America, Western Europe and APAC.

About The Company: Course5 Intelligence drives digital transformation for businesses through analytics, insights, and artificial intelligence. The company helps organisations make the most effective strategic and tactical decisions related to their customers, markets, and competition at a rapid pace that the digital business world demands. It was founded in 2000 with headquarters in Mumbai.

6| Cognitive Claims Assistant By Genpact

Team CCA, Genpact

Damage assessment in vehicles is an important step for insurance claims and auto finance industry. Currently, these processes involve manual interventions requiring a long turnaround time. Cognitive Claims Assistant (CCA) by Genpact is designed to provide significant cost and time reductions in the process while accurately estimating the cost of repairs. It can take damaged car images and the corresponding metadata (FNOL, car history, car model, etc.) as input, and passes this data to the ensemble of deep learning models with some custom-designed algorithms to provide useful inferences like the location of damages in the car, type of damages in the car, damaged parts, etc. 

Key Differentiation Factor: It can carry accurate, on-the-fly damage assessment for auto claims and auto finance industry. It also ensures redundancy removal across multiple images for accurate estimation, provides localised information about the damage, provides cost estimation and more

Clients And Sector It Serves: It currently serves auto claims and auto finance sectors 

Geographies Served: US

About the Company: Genpact is a global professional services firm that makes business transformation real. They drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for clients. It serves more than 25 countries with their end-to-end operations, connecting every dot, reimagining each step from start to finish and creating better business outcomes. 

7| AI Data Cleanser By Tredence

Tredence has built an enterprise-scale AI-based data quality management product called AI Data Cleanser that helps customers to efficiently cleanse and enrich the source data so that superior analytical solutions can be built on top of this data. Clients can use it as a standalone data quality management product that integrates with their downstream ERP/CRM systems. It also works as an integrated solution where data quality is managed by AI Data Cleanser. Tredence has built analytical solutions on top of this cleansed/enriched data thus solving customer’s business problems end to end.

Key Differentiation Factor:  AI Data Cleanser uses ML algorithms which improves with time and more data and thus can handle data anomalies which are non-obvious and unknown initially. It also boasts of active learning-based feedback module allowing business users to pass feedback and override the algorithm’s results if required. The product uses advanced word embedding techniques and advanced computer vision techniques. 

Clients And Sectors It Serves: It is currently being used by four clients across industries such as CPG,  industrials and technology.

Geographies Served: North America and Europe.

About The Company: Tredence focuses on last-mile delivery of insights into actions by uniting its strengths in business analytics, data science and software engineering. It is helping clients deliver on the artificial intelligence imperative, in a practical and demystified way. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company serves clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and SE Asia.

8| Data Discovery Platform By Wipro

Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is a digital platform that uses advanced technologies to surface new perceptions, understanding and insights around the business. It helps extract deep insights from data and use sophisticated techniques such as visual sciences and storytelling to simplify interpretation and decision-making. The core of the platform brings together the Wipro HOLMES Artificial Intelligence Platform and stream computing to deliver wide-ranging insights such as preventive action for customer attrition, predictive maintenance of assets to minimise downtime and practices to reinforce online reputation. 

Key Differentiation Factor: DDP orchestrates and actions the full lifecycle of AI platform development and production. DDP provides a platform where data can be collected from disparate sources. It incorporates technologies such as NLP, speech recognition, image and video processing, real-time object detection, and voice-assisted technology skills. 

Clients And Sectors It Serves: They currently have 110 clients with Wipro’s AI software platform deployment. It serves industries such as financial services, insurance, consumer, ENU, retail, IT operations, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, transportation, communications, government. 

Geographies Served: Americas – North, Latin and South America, Europe, UK, EMEA, APAC, Africa, Australia & New Zealand. 

About The Company: Wipro Limited is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company. It harnesses the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help clients adapt to the digital world. With over 175,000 dedicated employees they have been serving clients across six continents. Wipro was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in Bengaluru. 

9| Analyttica Treasurehunt® (ATH) Precision By Analyttica

Analyttica TreasureHunt® Precision offers a powerful ecosystem for business integrated analytics. ATH Precision is an experiential analytics ecosystem to contextualise ML and AI solutions specific to business needs, connect to any type of data & tools, collaborate across functions and institutionalise the experiences and learnings gained while solving problems. It can swiftly integrate within any environment offering seamless connectivity. It has access to 600+ in-built algorithms from R, Python and Tensorflow libraries among others.

Key Differentiation Factor: ATH Precision is the only experiential analytics product with patented design and a patent extension on adaptive machine learning systems. With 600+ pre-built functions, it has detailed function descriptions to help interpret and understand functions. Some of the other features are interactive maps and visualisation, built-in Jupyter console, centralised case repository, etc. 

Clients And Sector It Serves: It is currently serving 12 clients across sectors such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, retail etc.

Geographies Served: India, US, UK, SE Asia.

About The Company: Analyttica Datalab Inc. is a contextual data science and ML platform company. It was established in 2012 by global Analytics leaders and has build contextual data analytics capabilities across 25+ countries for one of the largest multinational banks in the world. It operates at the confluence of industry experience, analytical expertise and technology excellence.

10| AIML By FN Mathlogic

AIML platform is a ready-to-use platform for analytics projects and inferencing by FN Mathlogic. It is used by clients as a quick set-up to run data science projects as it supports a variety of data ingestion, data munging and predictive modelling tools that support both batches as well as real-time data. It is also offered as a managed service with the option of buying analytical support hours.

Key Differentiation Factor: AIML is offered as in premise or cloud-hosted option allowing client full control over data privacy and security. It provides option of plug and play, with a setup time of a few hours for cloud-hosted option. Add on services of managing and customising the infrastructure, as well as analytical hours, allow clients flexibility as per their operating model.

Clients And Sector It Serves: AIML has four clients currently and serves across financial services, IT services and healthcare.

Geographies served: India, US.

About The Company: MathLogic is a niche AIML training and consulting company working towards bringing the cutting edge AIML tools and techniques to its clients. They are constantly sifting through cutting edge tools and techniques to identify “client-ready” options and bring them to clients. It was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in NCR Delhi.

11| CrunchMetrics By CrunchMetrics

CrunchMetrics is an augmented analytics platform, which leverages the combined power of statistical methods and AI-ML based techniques to sift through data to identify incidents that are business-critical in nature. It also automates the journey from incident to action through the use of real-time interface.

Key Differentiation Factor: CrunchMetrics leverages proprietary machine learning and deep learning algorithms to accelerate business outcomes by generating real-time insights from business data. It auto-generates relevant metrics, dimensions and features and is capable of engineering AutoRegressive features like optimal lag, lag-attribute interactions etc. for robust predictions within transactional datasets. 

Clients And Sectors It Serves: It currently serves 12 clients across industries such as Telecom, Retail, Fintech.

Geographies Served: Global

About The Company: CrunchMetrics is a division of Subex Digital LLP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Subex Limited. It was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Bengaluru and Denver. It started with an aim to help customers find answers to questions that had no obvious answers.

12| CequityACE™ Insights By Hansa Customer Equity

It is an on-cloud platform with different levels of user rights & visualisations. It helps in managing data from various sources and customer touchpoints. Through built-in rules and custom-created solutions, CequityACE Insights can transform any data into meaningful performance indicators or insights using powerful analytical dashboards that can help understand, predict and forecast outcomes. 

Key Differentiation Factor: The product is easy to deploy, provides standard KPIs and advanced visualisation for making decisions.

Clients And Sectors It Serves: It currently serves five clients across verticals such as retail, automotive and BFSI sectors.

Geographies Served: India

About The Company: At Cequity, they help businesses acquire customers intelligently, retain them optimally and manage them profitably. With a strong experience in the field and operating across a variety of industries, they help organisations with their customer-centricity vision by marrying data, analytics and strategy. Founded in 2007, it is headquartered in Mumbai. 

13| FullStopTM  By Zendrive Technologies India Private Limited

FullStop is a mobile-powered risk solution that helps track road violations. It is a road sign compliance tool that helps provide superior predictive capabilities to avoid road fatalities. It is being used by insurance carriers, enterprise fleets and wireless carriers to reduce risk and keep drivers safe.

Key Differentiation Factor: FullStop offers predictive capabilities not achievable with traditional telematics factors like speeding and aggressive acceleration, showing that drivers who violate at least one stop sign per month are up to 5.8x more likely to crash and have higher rates of T-bone and head-on collisions.

Clients And Sectors It Serves: The brand new solution is available for select partners using Zendrive’s RiskRevealTM, the suite of smartphone-based solutions for insurers, which leverages AI for underwriting, loss control, and claims processing. It is currently serving commercial fleets, auto insurance and mobile network operators. 

Geographies Served: United States

About The Company: Zendrive, is a San Francisco and Bengaluru-based company making roads safer with data and analytics. It has recently raised $37 million in Series B funding, led by XL Innovate with participation from Hearst Ventures and existing investors, including ACME Capital, BMW iVentures, NYCA, SignalFire, and others.

Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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