15 Most Popular Videos From Analytics India Magazine In 2020

Apart from the unfortunate pandemic that struck the year 2020, it saw a lot of newer developments in the tech domain. While we covered most of these developments in the form of videos, we also introduced newer segments such as the Simulated Reality, a podcast feature by AIM and videos with renowned data scientists covering their journey in detail. This article lists 15 most popular and most viewed videos that you could binge on.

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GPT-3 – Explained In Layman Terms

Views: 42,421

One of the most viewed videos of the year; it covers the most popular technology of the year — GPT-3. This year, OpenAI researchers released a paper describing the development of GPT-3, a state-of-the-art language model made up of 175 billion parameters. This is ten times larger than the Turing NLG model by Microsoft that had 17 billion parameters. This video covers the details about the most talked about technology of the year GPT-3 along with some of its applications. 

Watch the video here:

“My Journey Into Data Science” With Usha Rengaraju | India’s First Woman Kaggle Grandmaster

Views: 5,739

In this video, we caught up with Usha Rengaraju, India’s first women Kaggle Grandmaster to talk about her Kaggle experience, recommended certifications, and her journey into this field. A polymath, Usha has a strong foundation in areas such as economics, finance, business foundations, business analytics and more. She also leads several communities such as Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS – Bangalore and Mysore Chapter), TensorFlow User Group (TFUG Mysore ) and Women in Data Science Ambassador(WiDS Mysore).

Watch the video here:

Which Data Science Course Should You Go For | Data Science As A Career

Views: 5,623

With data science becoming one of the most sought after domains to pursue, it has become one of the most talked-about areas in the tech community with many looking to start a career in this field. But to begin with, it is critical to know which type of data science course is more suitable for you and what are the courses that you should opt for. This video covers all the aspects that you want to clarify in order to start a career in data science. 

Watch the video here:

“My Journey Into Data Science” With Tanvi Keswani

Views: 4,981

Another video on the journey of a data scientist is with Tanvi Keswani, who is a relatable, energetic and professional. In this video, she talks about her data science journey, different designations and the importance of data science degrees. She has strong expertise in areas like predictive analytics, forecasting, anomaly detection, supervised/unsupervised learning and text mining. Currently working as a data scientist at Ericsson Global Ltd., her focus areas involve developing end-to-end AI solutions that can be readily integrated with the existing business processes. 

Watch the video here:

Artificial Intelligence Fights Against COVID-19

Views: 4,920

With an unprecedented increase in the cases of coronavirus pandemic, many researchers and tech enthusiasts are counting on AI to fight against it. From helping in medical research to helping organisations in ensuring business continuity, artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role. This video talks about various ways how AI is fighting against COVID-19.

Watch the video here:

Learn Data Science Through These Online Courses – Made FREE Due To COVID-19

Views: 4,636

COVID-19 pandemic affected the whole world including working professionals and students. As they were locked-down at homes due to it, it provided them with enough time to up-skill themselves. To help data science enthusiasts acquire new skills and learn new technologies during this time, many ed-tech firms and institutes made their courses free to support aspirants. This video lists a few such online courses that were made free.

Watch the video here:

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World ?

Views: 3,557

Over the years we have seen AI taking over a lot of human functionalities, including beating human champions in games like Go, Dota, and more. However, it still lacks common sense. In this video, we weigh in if AI will take over our world or not.

Watch the video here:

HINDI Video: What Are GANs? Analytics India Guru Explains

Views: 3,480

Before GPT-3 made headlines, GANs or Generative Adversarial Networks was one of the most talked-about groundbreaking topics that engaged the tech community. A concept that has been around for almost a decade, it has been used in a wide range of areas such as encryption services, creating beautiful paintings and more. In this video, we dive into the underlying concepts and cover the fundamental principles behind GANs, in Hindi. 

Watch the video here: 

15 Interesting Ways GPT-3 Has Been Put To Use

Views: 3,371

As GPT-3 rose to popularity, there were talks about it being used in a wide range of applications. To explore how it works, many researchers, tech enthusiasts and amateurs have demoed the applications of GPT-3 in various ways. This video talks about 15 such exciting ways in which GPT-3 has been used. 

Watch the video here: 

Crucial Mistakes Data Science Beginners Should Avoid

Views: 3340

Another video in the series of data science as a career, this video talks about crucial mistakes that data science beginners should avoid making while starting a career in the field. The data science jobs are on the rise across domains offering a lucrative career path. While many are interested in starting a career in data science and often upskill or transition into the field, as freshers, many candidates tend to make mistakes that can be avoided. This video talks about such mistakes that beginners should avoid. 

Watch the video here:

How to Start A Career In Data Science | Data Science As A Career

Views: 2,919 

Being considered one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century, data scientists are much in demand despite the pandemic. Despite the high demand, companies often struggle to find the right talent — mostly because many enthusiasts are still confused as to what this job entitles. In another video on data science as a career, we covered the basics of how one can start a career in data science while explaining it in a step-by-step way.  

Watch the video here:

9 Skills A Data Scientist Must Have

Views: 2,713

As the data science field is gaining traction, this video talks about some of the skills that aspiring data scientists should have. AIM conducted data science skills study to understand key trends driving skills economy and how data scientists’ toolchains are evolving. This video enlists nine such must-have skills that analytics and data scientists should know about. 

Watch the video here:

My Journey Into Data Science” with Abhishek Thakur | World’s First 4x Grandmaster on Kaggle

Views: 2,500

This is another video on the data science journey where we spoke to Abhishek Thakur, world’s first 4X grandmaster on Kaggle. He talks about skills and qualifications in data science companies should look for and shares advice to aspiring data scientists. A Kaggle grandmaster and author of the book titled Approaching (Almost) Any Machine Learning Problem, Abhishek likes to take part in ML competitions and create YouTube videos around applied machine learning. 

Watch the video here: 

Fun AI Activities For Kids During COVID-19 Lockdown

Views: 2,446

The COVID pandemic came as a major shock for enterprises across the globe. As the world came to a standstill with the lockdowns, citizens, especially children, were highly impacted. This video highlights some of the fun AI activities that kids could be engaged with during the lockdown. As parents are struggling to keep their kids entertained, this video will give some useful tips on keeping them engaged. 

Watch the video here:

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Views: 2,013

A subfield of artificial intelligence, NLP or natural language processing works on making the human language understandable to the machines and computers. It is used in areas such as speech recognition, creating voice search engines, operations on text data such as tokenisation and more. 

Watch the video here:

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