20 Best Postgraduate Data Science Courses In India 2022

A good course has high and well-balanced scores across all the parameters, making it at the top of the ranking. These rankings will help students identify the right course for them.
20 Best PG Data Science Courses In India 2022
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AIM has been coming out with academic rankings for graduate courses for the last 8 years. The ranking outcomes will result from a survey, extensive secondary research, and discussions with the participating institutes. This report enlists the top full-time on-campus postgraduate programmes for Data Sciences in India for the year 2022.

This year we have released two separate rankings for postgraduate-level Data Science or Analytics programs based on their mode of delivery: on-campus and online/hybrid.

These courses offer value in different ways to students, who can apply to them depending on what they want to learn. A good course has high and well-balanced scores across all the parameters, making it at the top of the ranking. These rankings will help students identify the right course for them.

The report is helpful for institutes offering these programmes to understand where they stand compared to other courses and identify areas of improvement. It can also be used by the policymakers in public and private organisations to get an idea of the progress the Data Science education industry has made and then help bring in changes accordingly.

For previous year reports:

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Analytics India Magazine has conducted this survey to rank various data science and analytics programs based on their performance across five parameters— Certification Value, Return on Investment, Program Success, Teaching & Curriculum, and Student Engagement. An overall index has been calculated based on the average scores of each program across the five subindices (based on the above-mentioned parameters).

The sub-indices themselves were calculated based on the scores given to the answers (of the survey questions) asked by AIM using uniform evaluation criteria. These scores were normalised on a scale from 0 to 1 before the average for the sub-indices was taken. Outliers were capped.

You can see the hierarchy of sub-indices and the final index followed for analysis in the below infographic.

Please find the ranking for Full-time On-campus Postgraduate Programmes for Data Science for 2022 below:

1. Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Praxis Business School

The nine-month postgraduate certification program offered by Praxis Business School is one of the oldest running full-time programs in analytics and data science in the country. The program equips the students with the tools, techniques, technology and business function knowledge by means of in-class lectures, case studies, hands-on lab work, assignments and projects.

2. Master of Science (Statistics & Data Science), NMIMS SOMASA

The two-year postgraduate program in Statistics and Data Science offered by NMIMS Mumbai School of Mathematics, Applied Statistics & Analytics (SOMASA) is an industry-oriented course to help students learn and apply relevant skillset in analysing real-world problems. The program has been designed in such a way that it not only imparts knowledge of Statistics and Data Science but also provides hands-on experience in handling data, data visualisation and programming languages.

3. MBA Business Analytics, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development

The two-year MBA Program in Business Analysis aims to provide students with conceptual and practical knowledge of business analysis. The comprehensive syllabus covering various domains like  HR, marketing, finance, operations, and strategy is constantly upgraded to keep up with market trends based on feedback from industry experts. 

4. Master of Artificial Intelligence in Business, SP Jain School of Global Management

This two-year postgraduate program offered by SP Jain attempts to create a pool of experts who understand AI and business needs together and can successfully translate business requirements into technical specifications. The program structure emphasises more on practical training. All courses have project work or research components that require a practical application of theory.

5. M. Tech Data Science (Business Analytics), Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering

Affiliated to NMIMS University, this two-year postgraduate program focuses in building industry-relevant skillsets among students in the fields of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NMP, Big Data Analytics and Predictive modelling. faculty at Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering are industry experts coming from companies Capgemini, Morgan Stanley, eClerx, Halliburton, SAS, NetCore Solution, Quantiphi and Deutsche Bank.

6. Master of Science(Data Science), CHRIST(Deemed-to-be) University Pune, Lavasa

The two-year degree course in Data Science is designed to give exposure to research models and their applications in data science through guest lectures, seminars, specialisation projects and internships.The course offers students with data science skills through classroom instructions, peer instruction, experiential learning, and participatory learning.

7. Master of Science in Economics & Analytics, CHRIST (Deemed-to-be University) Pune, Lavasa

The two-year Master of Science in Economics and Analytics programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to take up analytics-based leadership roles across various sectors. The curriculum includes modules in emerging technology, statistical analysis, and computational methods.

8. MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics, Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

The two-year MBA Program in Data Science and Data Analytics by SCIT aims to develop management professionals for data science and data analytics streams. The course structure has been designed in a way that offers students strategic and actionable insights and real-time operational intelligence that form the crux of data science and analytics.

9. Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics, Goa Institute of Management

The 22-month PGDM program by the Goa Institute of Management envisions creating techno managers who can execute both data science and managerial roles across different organisations. The program takes an experiential learning approach that includes both classroom learning and advanced training in the lab.

10. MBA in Business Analytics, Centre of Excellence in Analytics & Data Science NMIMS University

The two-year full-time MBA is conducted by the Centre of Excellence in Analytics & Data Science at the NMIMS University. The programme is designed to ensure students understand business management, data science, analytics tools, and techniques in its entirety.

11. MBA in Business Analytics, Chitkara Business School

The MBA in Business Analytics program offered by Chitkara University consists of business study modules to ensure that students develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals of analytics along with technical skills. Students are encouraged to think critically and out of the box in this programme. Innovation, research and entrepreneurship are highly promoted through internships, capstone projects and research practices.

12. MBA in Business Analytics, School of Business and Management, Christ University

MBA in Business Analytics is a two-year postgraduate program offered by Christ (Deemed-to-be) University. The program imparts knowledge and skills about business analytics that hones students’ critical thinking, problem-solving and analytics skills. The program structure is designed in such a way that, along with their respective specialisation subjects, students get exposure to courses offered by other specialisations.

13. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering

Having started in 2018, the two-year postgraduate program lays emphasis on practical concepts related to AI. To ensure the quality of the batch, students who have secured 60% marks in B.Tech and M.Sc are eligible to apply for this program. The assessment criteria include both terminal examinations and assignments for continuous assessment.

14. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, Jain (deemed-to-be) University

The two-year postgraduate program conducted by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering has been designed in a way that augments students’ research and development capabilities to solve practical problems. The students learn how to write and present technical reports and documents. The overall objective of the program is to enable students to gain a degree of mastery over the subject of their specialisation.

15. Diploma in Data Science with ML, DL, and AI, Ivy Professional School

The 9-month diploma program is affiliated to NASSCOM and is Government of India accredited under the FutureSkills Initiative. The course includes company-specific interview workshops and mock prep boot camps to help students prepare in a targeted manner. The programme hosts a one-on-one structured mentorship programme with industry experts from Microsoft, Google, Accenture, EY and Deloitte.

16. MSc in Data Science & Analytics, NSHM Knowledge Campus

Affiliated to the Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology, Kolkata, the two-year postgraduate program builds the foundation of students in Mathematics and Statistics such that they can apply the fundamental techniques used for analytics and machine learning. The objective is to enable students to provide solutions to real-world problems using Data Science and Analytics and discover new use cases in all areas of human-computer interaction.

17. M.Tech in Data Science, Jain (deemed-to-be) University

The two-year postgraduate degree program conducted by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Jain (deemed-to-be) University familiarises students with the latest knowledge and practical training in the field of data science. The program structure has been designed in a way to enhance students’ ability to carry out research independently and solve practical problems.

18. MBA with specialisation in Data Science, IFMR Graduate School of Business

Affiliated to Krea University, IFMR Graduate Business School offers a postgraduate degree for its two-year full-time MBA with a specialisation in Data Science program. The larger objective is to enable students to take up management roles in global corporations. The MBA training not only teaches students the usual domains like accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, operations, supply chain management and strategy but also trains students in data analytics tools and how to apply them in those domains.

19. MBA Business Analytics, Woxsen University

The two-year full-time MBA program that Woxsen University offers conditions the students to cultivate an application-based mindset with strong critical and analytical thinking ability to meet organisational goals. The programme structure and curriculum help students become proficient with the methods and tools of data analysis.

20. Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Data Science, Lloyd Group of Institutions

The Post-Graduation Diploma in Business Analytics and Data Science offered by the Lloyd Group of Institutes is affiliated with AICTE & IBM. The two-year full-time course is approved by AICTE and the Ministry of Education. The program provides extensive knowledge of data science techniques and tools like Cognos, SPSS MODELLER, Power BI, Tableau, R, and Python that are used to solve critical business problems.

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