4 Programming Languages Every Cyber Security Professional Must Know

Technology is playing a significant role in our day to day life, and with that, the world is becoming extensively connected —whether it’s about talking to a closed ones living overseas or it’s about asking your AI assistant to turn off the lights of your bedroom. However, there lie a somethings that we should be worried about — cybercriminals are strengthening their skills to compromise every single system (whether it belongs to an organisation or an individual). And the number of cyber-attacks in recent time is evidence why it is high time to focus not only on innovation and advancement in technology but also on the elimination or mitigation of cybercrime.

Today, the need for cybersecurity professionals are more than ever. However, the industry is dealing with a talent crunch and one of the reasons behind this is the limited knowledge of programming. You all must be wondering, is it really necessary to have a programming language knowledge to have a cybersecurity career? Well, the answer is yes!  And in this article, we are going to see why cybersecurity professionals should know programming and what are some of the best programming languages to master.

Why Programming Is Important In Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is not just about using a customised operating system with hundreds of tools to find vulnerabilities — it is something more than that. You want to be a top-notch you have to think like a hacker and look for all the possible ways a hacker could exploit any system, and this includes development too.


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One cannot simply become a computer scientist if s/he do not know a programming language and cybersecurity is no exception. When you master programming, you move one more step closer to become a top cybersecurity professional. It helps you unlocks the mysteries behind an attack and defend against some of the most dangerous hacking techniques. That’s why coding is a sought-after skill in the cyber security sector.

Some Of The Most Sought After Programming Languages For Cyber Security


JavaScript is a high-level and one of the most popular programming language for the web. Almost every website today is JavaScript backed. And why not? It is the “Lingua Franca” of the web that adds interactivity to websites.

If you want to work with cookies, manipulation of event handlers, and perform cross-site scripting (XSS), JavaScript is for you. XSS is one of the most popular hacking technique when it comes to compromising a website. The hacker usually looks for an input flaw on the website and if there is one, the hacker uses scripts to take over the website.  

So, if you have a strong hand on JavaScript, you can make sure that the website is secure enough to mitigate or even eliminate XSS attacks.

Structured Query Language (SQL)

For every business a database is critical and today, with business enterprises getting more data-driven, and most database management systems are powered by SQL. Structured Query Language (SQL) is the most sought after programming language when it comes to managing databases. So, how would it help a cybersecurity professional? Most of the hackers at present are working day in and out to exploit databases and when you master the sorcery of SQL, you can help to make databases more secure.

SQL injection attacks are one of the widely used hacking technique. Hackers look for SQL vulnerability and then exploit it. So, a cybersecurity professional with a significant amount of SQL can help to fix those vulnerabilities.  


Python over the years has become a very popular programming language. Not just among data science professionals but this a high-level language is also increasingly becoming popular among cybersecurity experts. Code readability, clear and simple syntax and an extensive number of libraries are some of the factors that make it sought after.

So, when you are a cybersecurity expert with Python programming knowledge, you can build attack simulations, intrusion detection systems and also, scan wireless networks without relying on third-party tools.  So, you don’t remain a Scrip Kiddie for life.

C & C++

When you are from the computer science background, it by default becomes a must-know language for you. Being low-level programming languages, C and C++  provide access to low-level IT infrastructure that is not well protected and can easily be exploited.

If you are a highly experienced in these two languages, it becomes easy for you to respond to attacks targeting lower level operations. It also helps you in reverse-engineering and finding vulnerabilities. So, if you are a cybersecurity professional, make sure you have an upper hand on C and C++.

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