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4 Ways AI-Powered Mattresses Can Help One Sleep Better

4 Ways AI-Powered Mattresses Can Help One Sleep Better

With the advancements in AI, one can never imagine how much further AI can go to make human lives more comfortable. Almost every sector is trying to dip their hands in the broad field of artificial intelligence. It is no wonder that mattress manufacturing companies have started the rat race in emerging technology.

Mattress manufacturers are leveraging algorithms of artificial intelligence for determining design and structure flaws, evaluation of effectiveness in the material used, etc. Various research on diagnosing sleeping disorders with the help of AI as well as manufacturing wearable devices to help control snoring, teeth grinding, etc. are going on to bring better and peaceful sleep to millions of people that are suffering from such disorders.

In this article, we list down five ways how technology is helping in manufacturing smart mattresses.

1| AI-Enabled Camera

The mattress manufacturing companies are enabling AI cameras with a focus to ensure perfect products. One such instance is the Sheela Foam, the makers of Sleepwell brand of mattress. According to the report, AI-enabled cameras are installed at the conveyor belts in the manufacturing plant that read various parameters like length, breadth, etc. from the RFID chip embedded in the material. In case of any deviation from the set parameters, the camera captures it and generates an alert.

The mattress maker has also implemented video analytics on the top of the video footage for improved plant safety. The video analytics help identifies any abnormal observations that are possible safety hazard causes.

2| AI Trackbot

Image Source: HEKA AI mattress (PRNewsfoto/HEKA Inc.)

AI Trackbot is composed of TensorFlow Deep Learning Network, AI Sensing System, Autonomous Adjustment System, Sleep Medicine Databases and Central Processing System. It has a high detection, analysis, and processing capabilities that collect real-time data to build an exclusive model for the end user.

The AI Trackbot include autonomous recognition of individual body shape and sleep position, calculating optimal support for each part of the body based on sleep medicine databases and autonomous adjustment of height and firmness for changing positions.

HEKA, a Delaware-based furniture maker manufactured the world’s first AI-enabled mattress that helps in improving the sleep quality through autonomously adapting to body shapes and postures of an individual in real-time.

3| AI Enabled Pod

AI-enabled Pod is a layer in a mattress that allows a human body to lower the temperature when it is needed for uninterrupted sleep. The Pod is a combination of artificial intelligence and real-time biometric data that determines the optimal temperature at any time.

One such instance is the Eight Sleep’s AI-enabled pod. It can also be connected to other devices like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Philips Hue, etc. and just with a few words your bed can be cooled down or a little warmer.

4| AI Powered Mattress

Besides using AI to create mattress, some manufacturers have started creating mattresses that make use of AI to provide a better sleep.

ReST Bed is a fully customised mattress that uses sensors to automatically detect and respond to pressure. It allows you to set firmness levels for each of the five zones for back and side sleeping. Another instance is the Sleep Number 360 which is a bed technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a peaceful sleep.

Bottom Line

It is unpredictable for a normal human being to predict what AI is capable to achieve. The increase in data in everyday life will lead to many more bigger achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Combining the factors like diagnosing of sleeping disorders, stress,  environmental conditions, etc. will lead future innovations for better and peaceful sleep.

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