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5 AI-Powered Nutrition Apps That Help Fitness Enthusiasts With Their Calorie Intake

5 AI-Powered Nutrition Apps That Help Fitness Enthusiasts With Their Calorie Intake

Akshaya Asokan
Image source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

As the world grows more fitness-conscious with passing time, the demand for technological solutions to cater to this burgeoning demand is diversifying. Lately, a number of startups in India and worldwide are using predictive analytics artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help scores of fitness enthusiasts to track and monitor their nutrition and calorie intake.

In India, this global trend has had a positive impact on scores of startups and websites catering to this segment. AI and its various subsets have been leveraged by these platforms to identify the calorie intake and also to make food recommendations for a healthy diet. In most cases, what we see is that these platforms act as a data repository where while providing real-time information to its users, it also makes available to numerous clients who work in this field for a determined rate.

In this article, we take a look at the top AI-based online platforms which make use of AI and other deep learning technologies to provide a real-time update about nutrition intake.

HealthifyMe: HealthifyMe is a leading Indian health and fitness app whose artificial intelligence powered virtual nutritionist, Ria, helps its users regarding their queries around fitness and nutrition in both audio and text in more than 10 languages

Ria uses key learning’s obtained from HealthifyMe’s 250 million tracked foods, workouts and 10 million message exchanges between coaches and clients. HealthifyMe supposedly owns the largest data set in this regard and are compatible with popular fitness wearables devices currently available in India


Neutrino: The platform provides nutrition-based data services, analytics, and technologies to its consumers and wants to turn itself into a leading source of nutrition-related insight platform. To enable individualised compilation of data, the platform uses NLP and mathematical models from the optimation theory and predictive analysis.

Further, using API and SDK integrations, it enables its partners can purchase data regarding food, nutrition so as to help improve their product offering and services.

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FitGenie: The app heavily relies on AI to produce customised data regarding calorie intake and make food suggestions accordingly. Their advanced diet analysis and combines tools of calorie counter with to make dynamic and adaptive macronutrient adjustments thus providing high-quality nutrient plan each week for its users which is generated from its 1+ million foods.

Calorie Mama: The app uses AI and image classification technology to identify the food correctly and accurately and also calculated the amount the calories just from the picture. Their proprietary API, called Food AI API has been trained to identify cuisines from across the world, thus making it the most culturally diverse food identification system in the world. Further, by connecting the API with diverse data sets, the food which is automatically recognised by the platform is paired with detailed nutrition information.

Bite AI: Is yet another online platform which uses deep learning and image recognition to analyse what the users eat and determine what is trending in terms of each popular dish that the user eats and consumption time. The machine learning facilitates provisions like recognition of past meals, make hierarchical predictions- that is detect high-level categories like beverages and soup as well as specific dishes and ingredients. It also integrates with their Food Knowledge Graph that contains a large set of commonly eaten foods, with nutrition facts, and hierarchical structure. The platform also further breaks down the nutrition information calories, macro and micronutrients as well as ingredients.

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