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5 AI-Powered Tools To Automate Ad Campaigns

5 AI-Powered Tools To Automate Ad Campaigns

Harshajit Sarmah

We are living in an era where our social media feeds are specially curated considering our interests.. This is the age of relevance and accuracy and social media platforms such as Facebook, was one of the frontrunners in personalising the feed.

Over the last three years, Facebook advertisements have evolved and today it is one of the most important things to keep in mind while running ad campaigns. Backed by AI, Facebook ads are becoming more powerful delivering a significant level of value, saving our time and money.

If you are someone from the social media domain and are involved in running multiple ad campaigns for your organisation, here are some of the top AI-powered automation tools you should definitely use.

Reveal Bot

Reveal Bot is one of the first and best AI-powered tools when it comes to automating Facebook ad campaigns. The tool delivers insights such as impressions, clicks, view reach etc. and also let the advertiser know if s/he is doing something wrong and losing money along with tips to improve the campaign. That is not all, the data provided by the tool is not just in numbers, but it also shows graphs to make the advertiser better understand how the ad is performing.

One of the best features about Reveal Bot is it is integrated with Slack, so now you can have all the insights without even leaving the team messenger platform.

It is a paid tool. However, it comes with 14-days trial (without credit card). For pricing info, click here.


Started out in 2015, Zalster is one such tool for automating ad campaigns that are developed in order to eliminate the mistakes usually done by humans. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this top-notch tool optimizes the advertiser’s bids, budgets, target groups and advertisements, and delivers the best possible results.

The tool’s automated algorithms are designed in such a way that it optimizes everything round the clock. That is not all, one of the best features of this tool is that the advertiser/user will have a dedicated Client Success Manager to sort out or solve any query — whether it’s strategic or technical. Also, just like reveal bot, even Zalster has a Slack bot that delivers insight.

It is not a free tool. For pricing, click here. You can also book a demo of the tool.


A Facebook partner for more than five years, aitarget is an AI-powered SwaS (Software WITH a Service) that helps advertisers automate routine operations, scale FB&IG campaigns. Whether its customer targeting or content management or delivering conversions, aitarget is a one-stop shop for advertisers. Having a set of different automation along with significant data from the Facebook ad manager and Google Analytics, aitarget is considered to be one of the best tools at present.

Pricing: The expert subscription comes for  $2500 per month. However, you can also try the demo before.

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Trapica is an AI targeting optimization and marketing automation platform for social network ad campaigns. The tool is designed in such a way that using AI, it efficiently analyzes thousands of real-time conversion events from campaigns and finds the best-suited bunch of audience. Being a partner of some of the big names like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc. Trapica today is one of the most sought after tools.

Furthermore, one of the best features of Trapica is creative A/B testing. The tool’s AI A/B tests existing creatives and decides which one is most likely to get the current audience to convert. That is not all, every time the tool discovers any underperforming creatives are automatically turned off.

Visit the official website for pricing. Also, Trapica offers free tools for suggestions and insight.


A weak ad is on average 2.2 times less effective than a good one. Meaning, advertisers are not only wasting their time but all wasting more than half of their da campaign budgets. And this where ReFUEL4 comes in.

ReFUEL4 is another automating ad tool that every advertiser should consider using. This AI-powered tool is built in such a way that it makes sure the creatives are always relevant and unto the mark. Also, the tool analyzes when ads start to go down and perform bad, and every time it finds a fatigue ad, the tool replaces that ad with a brand new one. Also, its AI predicts performance with 87% accuracy and adds more precision to A/B Testing.

Book a demo here.

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