5 Data Science Boot Camps That Will Help You Bridge Talent Gap

No doubt that data scientist is one of the trending jobs worldwide. There is a massive demand for data scientists in the market, and an increase in the number of job hunters seeking a lucrative job. But, even though several people are now pursuing a career in data science, jobs are still lying vacant. In India alone, according to a report, India has less than 10% of the data scientists that are available globally. And the only factor that is responsible for this shortage is the lack of skilled personnel, and one of the most useful ways to upskill is data science boot camps.

But before one opts for data science boot camps, one needs to know that they are a great way to enhance their knowledge of the data science world. Data science boot camps are in no way a replacement for the academics and practical experience that one can acquire in the target industry. These data science boot camps help one to sharpen their skills and help them apply their knowledge required to extract, analyse and transform various data. Data science boot camps can also be attended online and also in person.

Below are listed some of the best data science boot camps worldwide which can be taken online.

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NYC Data Science Academy: Online, New York City

The NYC Data Science Academy is a 12-week boot camp in New York City, where it teaches beginner and intermediate data science skills using Python, R, Hadoop and Spark. The requirements are that students should have an advanced degree in a quantitative field and must have extensive prerequisite training online before the program begins. During the data science boot camp, students will learn about data analytics, visualisation and machine learning with Python, R and high-end computing. During the boot camps, the students should complete four projects, after which the students will be given placement support.

Cost: The 12-week data science boot camp will cost around $17,600

Springboard: Online

Springboard offers a six-month data science boot camp which will require the one to dedicate 10-15 hours weekly to complete the boot camp. The program provides coursework in data wrangling, data storytelling, programming tools, data visualisation, inferential statistics, machine learning and big data. Students should complete two capstone projects during the program. There are weekly calls with industry mentors and are given career preparation and resources. Springboard guarantees employment in six months or refunds the tuition.

Cost: The online mode costs $7,500

RMOTR: Online

RMOTR is a four-month online program where the students get to interact with teachers, mentors and classmates remotely. The program has weekly live sessions with mentors to help students with 20 hours per week for course work. The courses cover Python, data science, web development, programming along with data tools like Numby, Pandas, Scipy, Matplotlib and Bokeh. The students will be required to complete the program with over ten projects which will be intended to enhance their Github profile.

Cost: $349/month with a one-week free trial

General Assembly: Both Online and Campus

General Assembly offers a variety of courses with an 11-week data course and a 12-week immersive boot camp. General Assembly offers courses like any other data science boot camps like data analytics, data science immersive, front-end web development, javascript development, digital marketing etc. Also, it involves learning skills like UNIX, SQL, machine learning, Python. They career guiding coaches to help with the placements.

Cost: 12-week full immersive: $14,000, Flexible: $3,500, Online: $1,250

Metis: Online and Campus

A 12-week program with Metis will offer experienced data scientists teaching data science courses using real-world data to develop an extensive portfolio. Students have to dedicate 2-3 hours daily in instructions and an additional 4-6 hours on the development of projects. The students, by the end of the programs, are expected to complete five projects which will be portfolio oriented. The program demands applicants to know programming and statistics.

The coursework offers an introduction to top data science tools, linear regression and machine learning.

Cost: $16,000


By the end of the data science boot camp, one should make sure that their skills have been enhanced. Also that they have not only complete knowledge about the various skills involved with data science but also gain extensive experience with the data science market. Data science will make one’s knowledge more solid, but it is essential to keep in mind that it is not a replacement for a STEM degree. These boot camps offer intensive training kind of environment, so going in, it is better to have prior programming knowledge. In addition to making one industry ready, data science boot camps make one’s resume look more attractive.

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