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5 GPU Startups Who Are Trying To Script Success Like NVIDIA

5 GPU Startups Who Are Trying To Script Success Like NVIDIA

Artificial intelligence has the potential to become the most impactful technology humanity will ever create, boosting us and giving the ability to solve problems once thought to be unsolvable. However, available GPU computing continues to be the limiting factor in developing AI systems. Innovative ideas are often discarded simply because the GPU compute costs would be too high. Many startups have fixed a goal to provide everyone with computing — not just top research labs and large organisations. More affordable compute directly translates to an increase in groundbreaking ideas being developed, improvements upon existing ideas, and the true democratisation of AI.

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Here are five such startups who are redefining GPU:


Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, US

Founders: Leo Meyervich, Matthew Torok

The company is supercharging the way analysts investigate event and entity data. Graphistry clients include some of the biggest organizations in the world, and trust the company to help them sort through digital fingerprints to catch attacks, financial crime, and trace the global supply chain. The organization has already invested in tools like Splunk or Spark for handling 100M+ events a day and getting ready to experiment with data science notebooks. Most of all, they are watching for investigation tools that are quicker than search or dashboards. With Graphistry, users can do tasks like seeing entire datacenter for the first time or quickly see the trail of events left by a hacker.

The company’s history fords academia, core technology, and the security industry. Graphistry’s GPU cloud technology is a rethinking of the organizations work at UC Berkeley on the preeminent parallel web browser and GPU visual analytics language to improve scale and portability. Since then, the company has produced experienced startup engineers, product thinkers, and industry leaders who have continued the story multiple times. Graphistry has been working with fellow analysts and developers on their customer sites to assist give them and hold on increasingly rich investigations. The technology is low-cost commodity hardware which supports cloud CPUs which are available from various providers. The infrastructure is available globally. The 4K/VR is a higher resolution framerate that needs a smaller increase in bandwidth.


Headquarters: European Union (EU)

Founders: Adam Billyard, Bruce Grove

The company developed a cloud application streaming platform that can support their clients irrespective of there scale and geographical position. The company has developed software against traditional 3D software that delivers interactive cloud technology which uses cloud GPUs. This traditional VDI dedicated GPUs sound technical but not economical.

The company built a platform from a group to support real-time streaming of 3D graphics at any scale from any cloud which is termed as Polycloud Software Defined Imaging technology.


Headquarters: European Region (EU)

Founders: Benny Willen, Jeffrey Meesemaecker

The Company’s technology uses high-performance desktops and renders nodes in the cloud to run and distribute your graphics intensive workloads. With the new GPU cloud interface, users need not have any technical expertise, as cloudalize offers an easy intuitive management platform. The user’s apps and documents which are operated in the cloud against the traditional way of running on a computer, this ensures that no data is lost and it’s highly secure. The users are free to access, work and distribute their work, apps and documents on the spot, on any given device at any time. They can pay for the resources needed depending upon the necessity and required performances. The products world-class support team is ready at any given time to help its users.


Headquarters: Maryland

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Founders: Abhishek Bhargava, Arbaz Khatib, Sharif Shameem

The Vectordash GPU instances are supported by dedicated quad-core CPUs and the advanced generation NVIDIA GPUs. The company believes in providing users with the most powerful hardware at the most affordable rates. The company’s GPU instances cost 5 times less than AWS’s instances, with pricing beginning at just $0.25 per hour. This makes Vectordash the world’s most affordable cloud GPU provider.

The Vectordash technology was designed from the spot up with machine learning researchers in mind. Each GPU situation comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu 16.04, CUDA, cuDNN, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and numerous other machine learning libraries which are pre-installed. Which makes the user Simply SSH into there instance and begin training the desired model within seconds.


Headquarters: West Palm Beach

Founders: Ian Cook, Kris Henry

The company provides their clients with safe and stable mining rigs, HashPro is running datacenters worldwide. The firm shares daily revenue detail, exchange rate and electricity cost with their clients, so as to make the daily net profit genuine to every client. They have numerous cryptocurrency mining hardware specified in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. HashPro management method is super handy, clients can check their daily updates and withdraw profits through a computer or mobile phone.


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