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5 Indian Startups Which Are Bringing Facial Recognition To The Mainstream

Facial recognition

Over the past few years, with so many crimes and unfortunate events taking place, the need for surveillance has skyrocketed all over the globe. And this rising need is driving companies as well as government organisations across the world to come up with innovations in facial recognition.

The Indian tech community is also extensively working on the facial recognition domain to build top-notch products and services. In this article, we list five startups from India that are going all out to fill the void in the domain with quality facial recognition offerings.


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(This list is in alphabetical order.)

AIndra Labs

Founded by Abhishek Mishra, Abdulla Hisham and Rito Bhaumik in 2016, AIndra Labs is one of the top 10 AI startups in India. The company uses computer vision and ML and is specialised in processing images and videos captured from real-life scenarios using its Visual Analytics Platform.

The company also has an AI-powered face recognition solution to mark the attendance of the employees or students of the organisation. Basically, the face recognition system stores photographs and details on each student of a class in a server, and to take attendance of the class, the teacher just need to click some pictures of the classroom. The system digs into the server matches the faces on the photograph with the data previously store and suggests who is present and absent.


Founded in 2018 by Safeer Usman in Bangalore India, FaceX is a small team that are doing big in the facial recognition field. The company’s technology employs state-of-the-art tracking technology to detect people even under low illumination and varied poses. That is not all, it also detects people at far distances, even when the face is pixelated very badly to the human eye. Further, it recognises faces with an accuracy rate of 94%.

This new-born startup in a short span of time has achieved some real success. Today, the company works with a significant number of clients — from entrepreneurs to big companies. It also works with 100 developers that work with facial recognition applications.


Founded by a trio Angam Parashar, Ankit Narayan Singh, and Muktabh Mayank, ParellelDots claims to be one of the best applied AI research groups in the world. Speaking about facial recognition, the companies image recognition API finds the label(s) (names) of objects in the image along with its probability score. And its image recognition can identify 6,000 commonly occurring everyday objects from an image.

Further, it can also detect human emotions from facial expressions. This API by ParellelDots can be used to monitor emotions associated with visual content shared on social media or photo-sharing apps or build interactive video chat applications.


Founded by Siddhartha Chandurkar, ShepHertz is a Gurugram-based startup that not only provides APIs to build Omni-Channel Apps but also provides Actionable Big Data solution. Also, they have a comprehensive set of AI and ML and they have started working on facial recognition as well.

After a horrifying incident in Ryan International School, Gurugram, ShepHertz, set out to do something about the security and surveillance in schools. And having worked with some of the big enterprises, processing close over 115 billion API calls, and sheer focus on AI, the company has developed a software solution called SchoolProtect. It is basically a facial recognition solution that can be used by schools and can be deployed in their existing surveillance infrastructure.


Based in Gurugram, Staqu is an AI-focused company that with a technology stack of advanced image and video analysis tools, language and text-independent speaker identification engine, speech recognition, facial recognition and text processing APIs.

Staqu’s AI-based human efface detection (ABHED) offers a smart glass that has an inbuilt camera that takes real-time human features as input to provide a match for criminal record in seconds. Another product is a violence detection system that analyses CCTV footage to identify and report violence in real-time. And last, it also provides facial recognition system that utilises CCTV feeds to recognise faces through live camera feed, possible in a moment.

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