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5 leading books on IoT by Indian Authors

5 leading books on IoT by Indian Authors

Internet of Things is disrupting the globe with connected devices. It is re-inventing everything around us from our refrigerators to our watches to our footwear creating a world of new convenience for us. IoT is on the path of becoming omnipresent.

IoT as a technology is being pursued with interest by many professionals and aspirants who wish to understand how this technology works and how they can learn to practically apply it. IoT India Magazine lists down 5 leading books on IoT by Indian Authors which are dedicated to enriching its readers with the IoT knowledge. These books focus on providing practical application knowledge such that after reading these books, the aspirant will be able to build his own standalone project.

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Internet of Things with SAP HANA: Build Your IoT Use Case With Raspberry PI, Arduino Uno, HANA XSJS and SAPUI5

The book, Internet of Things with SAP HANA, covers how to work with Internet of Things (IoT) using SAP HANA Native development, book-1SAPUI5, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno and sensor interfacing to solve a personal life  problem that will keep the course interesting and fun. In this book, the authors explain you what is Internet of things (IoT) and all the steps necessary to create your own basic setup to start your IoT journey. This book is full of information, knowledge, hands-on and real life project experience learning.

The authors of this book are SAP consultants and contractors having more than a decade of experience in enhancing and implementing cutting edge technology for major European industries, some of them include big Fortune 500 names.

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IoT Disruptions: The Internet of Things – Innovations & Jobs

The book, IoT Disruptions: The Internet of Things – Innovations & Jobs, is based on the fundamental belief that real innovations create As you flip the pages of this book, you step into a magical world of inspiration and take a closer look into the landscape of IOT, breadth of technologies, evolving business models, gaps ripe for innovation, and new and evolving careers for experienced professionals and students alike. This book hopes to empower you with the opportunities, gaps, debates and areas of job growth in the rapidly expanding world of IOT.

This book is recommended for Students looking for technology jobs, Product Managers in hardware and Internet software, Entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to innovate, integrated designers and Developers of open source, embedded software and cloud technologies.

Learning IoT with Particle Photon and Electron

This book gives an introduction to IoT architecture, command-line build tools and applications of IoT devices and sensors. IT explains how book-3to design and develop connected IoT applications using Particle Photon and Electron in a step-by-step manner, gaining an entry point into the field of IoT. It gives tips on troubleshooting IoT applications.

Starting with the basics of programming, the book, Learning IoT with Particle Photon and Electron, will take you through setting up your local servers and running custom firmware, to using the Photon and Electron to program autonomous cars. This book also covers in brief a basic architecture and design of IoT applications. It gives you an overview of the IoT stack. You will also get information on how to debug and troubleshoot Particle Photon and Electron and set up your own debugging framework for any IoT board. Finally, you’ll tinker with the firmware of the Photon and Electron by modifying the existing firmware and deploying them to your boards.

By the end of this book, you should have a fairly good understanding of the IoT ecosystem and you should be able to build standalone projects using your own local server or the Particle Cloud Server.

Internet of Things: A Hands-On Approach

This book, Internet of Things: A Hands-on Approach, is written as a textbook for educational programs at colleges and universities. It can book-4also be used by IoT (Internet of Things) vendors and service providers for training their program developers. The authors have used an immersive ‘hands on’ approach, similar to the one adopted in the companion book, Cloud Computing: A Hands-on Approach, to help readers gain expertise in developing working code for real-world IoT applications.

It is organised into three main parts. Part I covers the building blocks of Internet of Things (IoT) and their characteristics. Domain specific IoT and their real-world applications are described along with a generic design methodology and an IoT system management approach using NETCONF-YANG.  Part II introduces the reader to the programming aspects of IoT with a view to developing rapid prototypes of complex IoT applications.  Part III introduces the reader to advanced topics in IoT, including IoT data analytics and tools for IoT.  Case studies on collecting and analyzing data generated by IoT in the cloud are described.

Enterprise IoT: A Definitive Handbook

book-5The fourth edition of the Enterprise IoT book is a comprehensive guide on understanding Enterprise IoT and how to implement IoT applications using IoT cloud offerings from Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, GE Predix and open source software.

In this book, the focus is to provide a clear vision on Internet of Things and everything you should know to get started on applying and building Enterprise IoT applications in any industry. The concepts listed down in the book are applicable across industries. The book intends to provide an applicability guide that can be taken as reference for building any IoT application. In the course of the book, the author describes some of the key components of Internet of Things through their Enterprise IoT stack. It outlines how to incrementally apply IoT transformations to build connected products in various industries. At the end, the readers would understand the technical strategy and how to build IoT applications using IoT cloud offerings from Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Predix and even build one using open source technologies.

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