5 Legit Ways To Make Money As A Data Science Influencer

data science influencer

data science influencer

Over the past few years, the ‘influencers’ from every domain have witnessed significant growth. What is more exciting to see that in this millennial era, even those who are not into the lifestyle sector, but into areas like data science domain are making a great impact on the internet. And why not, data science, after all, is “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.

Talking about the influencers from this sought after industry, they are creating content about data science day in and day out across multiple platforms. And the prime goal is to promote the ecosystem all across the world. Further, believe it or not, there are people who taking influencing as a full-time job. And if you are wondering how they make money, we will let you know about it.


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In one of our previous articles, we have written about some of the effective ways that would take you closer to becoming a LinkedIn Influencer. And in this article, we are going to take a look at the ways a data science influencer can make money.

How To Turn Influencing Into A Business

Are you someone who is passionate about data science, extensively talking about it on social media, delivering value, and have thousands of people following you? Then there are ways you can turn your social media influencing into a source of income.

Product Review

Product review is considered to be one of the best ways of marketing and companies nowadays are extensively looking for someone from the relevant domain who has a big audience, to review their products. Talking about the data science domain, you can be a reviewer as well. When you have a significantly big audience who engage with your data science content, you can give reviewing a try.

Whether it’s a new chatbot by a company, or an AI-assistant, or a recommender engine, you can always share your thoughts on how they work and how good they are. Once your content starts to reach your audience and they engage with it more, there are chances of you getting offers of reviewing products on a commercial basis.

Words To The Wise: Data science is a crucial domain and every single information matter. When you are an influencer in this domain, you cannot deliver misleading information. And this also applies to paid reviews, do not provide a biased review if the product is not good enough.

Provide Consultation

Consultation is one of the ways effective ways to make money. However, you have to be both jack and master of all trades when you are helping a company in their data science journey. Further, you might be really good with all the concepts of data science, but when it comes to consulting, you have to be good with understanding multiple business perspectives. How would you build that understanding? By working with businesses initially for free or at a low price or maybe for a testimonial.

Once you build a certain level of track record, you can then go about consulting businesses at a significant price point. Also, keep sharing your work on your social media platforms, as it would give more traction to your consultation side.

Become A Keynote Speaker

To step into the Keynote speaking territory you have to leverage the powers of video platforms such as IGTV and YouTube. Talk about the latest happenings from the data science industry, share your thoughts. You can also produce tutorial based videos on these platforms. The more your content delivers value and reaches a good amount of people, the more are your chances of becoming a keynote speaker. The main role of a keynote speaker is to establish the main underlying theme of any gathering — whether it’s a conference, a meeting or even a corporate function.

Talking about money, there are several speakers from the data science industry who charges a significant amount of money. However, to be a keynote speaker, you have to have a strong identity, a reputation in the industry and you can do that by making your content stand out.

Sponsored Posts On Social Media

This business model is quite similar to paid product reviews. The only difference is that instead of reviewing a product, you would only be sharing about it to your audience. There are two ways of doing it, either as a post on social media platforms or as a blog post (if you own a blog). But the questions is what kind of things you are going to promote. Do not get all intrigued by the money if you are data science influencer you have to stay relevant to the domain. Just like a product review, you can promote any tool, software, event, or anything that is from the data science industry.

For example, there is a data science event that is going to happen next week, and the organizers reach out to you regarding a social media post. Look at the entire agenda of the event, look at all the possible angles, and if you feel that it is something people actually need to know about, you can take it up.

But again, make sure, you are not promoting the products that are of no good.

By Selling Courses

Selling data science courses have become extremely popular in recent years. There are thousands of courses available on the internet and people are investing a handsome amount of money on them. And why not, the data science domain nowadays is attracting a lot of people. However, there is still a gap in the course selling sector — even after paying, the value they deliver is not up to the mark, leaving people disappointed.

Being a data science influencer with a huge number of followers, you can fill that void by curating course that actually delivers value. And also, you can keep the price lesser compared to the one in the market already. The major advantage for you would be the trust your audience has on you.

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