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5 Non Work-Related Habits Every Data Scientist Must Inculcate

5 Non Work-Related Habits Every Data Scientist Must Inculcate

To be on top of your game at your game in the field of data science, reaching office on time and staying late, working day in and out is not the only thing. One has to be super productive outside the workplace as well.

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

In this article, Analytics India Magazine takes a look at some of the most effective habits that every data scientist, irrespective of his/her designation, need to inculcate when they are off the workplace.

Hang Out With Career-Centric and Successful Co-Workers

The people you spend time with matters a lot in the way you think and set your mindset. It also affects the way you want to take your career ahead. So, it is always considered to be good practice to spend time with co-workers after heavy eight-plus hours or working. It would not only give you positive vibes but will also help you have a healthy workplace culture the very next day, which is a vital factor for every data scientist.

While others prefer to have serious career talks, some prefer to relax over a cup of coffee. And both ways are considered to be best as your company is full of positivity. Also, outside the workplace meeting gives you the environment to ask and get to know things that you can’t inside the office.

Minimise Use Of Electronic Gadgets

A data scientist spends 9 hours of his/her day at work in front of the computer — it stresses eyes as well as our entire body. There are many people across the world who tend to stick to their phones or laptops even after coming back from work, However, that shouldn’t be the case. Our eyes need rest too, just like every other part of our body, and too much of light of gadgets are not at all good as they mess up your sleeping habits.

So, make sure you do not use any electronic gadget for a long time. Rather, try to meditate and relax and have a good sleep every single night. This habit will not only make your body and mind active but will also help you focus on your work.

Make Reading A Habit If You Want To Be Successful

You ask all the successful people in this world their key to success, they would definitely point to their bookshelf. Once you come back home from work, take some time out for reading. Knowledge is never-ending, so, the more you read the more knowledge you gain — it builds up, like compound interest. Talking about the data science domain, the learning process never stops, so make sure you keep your knowledge updated by reading books about the latest trends. Try to read educational books and publications more than novels, tabloids, and magazines, if you want to excel your data science career.

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Coach, Mentor, and Build Connections

This is one of the biggest traits of a successful professional. If you are someone who always has some time free (at least on the weekends) try to mentor or coach people who need your help. Data science is not just a vast domain, it also expensive — not everyone can afford to take up a data science coach and not every company can afford a data scientist. So, it is not at all a loss if you step in and offer help — discuss ideas, solve problems, help others excel and grow as a data scientist.

Furthermore, this provides you with an opportunity to make some connections with some of the best data science enthusiasts that would help you or support you in the future.

Take Your Mind Away From Work When Spending Time With Family

Data Science is one of the vast domains in the industry. It takes an immense amount of knowledge, concentration to solve some of the most complex problems. Meaning, it is not a cake walk for a data scientist to spend 9 hours at work. And sometimes, one of the best ways to be more productive at work is to take time off from work — not because you get tired of work but to relax your mind.

After work hours when you spend time with family or your closed one, try not to use any office related gadgets — try to step away from work-related communication. It is important for every professional to strike a work-life balance, as it helps in relieving stress.

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