5 Noteworthy AI And IoT Startups That Are Providing Smart Solutions To Indian Farmers

Agriculture is the most important sector in the Indian economy with the country being pegged as a global agricultural powerhouse. According to recent statistics, the country has 195 million hectors under cultivation of which only 63 percent is rainfed while 37 percent is irrigated. Despite several advancements, India’s agriculture sector is fraught with several challenges such as water shortage, delay in weather prediction or dealing with weed, among others. In this article, we will list down how robotics and drones are being leveraged to help farmers and change the face of the agricultural sector.


Founded in 2013 and based in Hyderabad, Spoors has developed a toolkit called EFFORT (effortless field force optimising and reporting toolkit). Built with cutting-edge tools, it is an innovative and complete field force management technology which unfolds the planning and records of the workforce activities across diverse fields. With advanced workflow prototype, the tool provides scope to fully automate the field business approval procedure in a single tier structure. The entire technology is built on multiple platforms that deliver technological promotions in field service management.


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Headquartered in Bengaluru, QTLomics integrates the breeding process with modern genomic tools to organise the hybridisation of desirable characteristics in the crop. Latest technological developments in DNA progressing and tools for bioinformatics are assisting plant biologists to gain genomic data from prototype plants and agricultural species which help in the understanding of plant metabolism, natural genetic variations and the procedure of operation selection on plant genomes. The company uses manipulated plant growth and metabolism through MAS and gives hope to plant breeders to develop appropriate kind of plants and renewable energy sources that are subject to current climatic conditions and geography.



Bengaluru-based Infratab is an IoT company which provides quality monitoring technology for perishable items. They offer integrated technology of sensors, software and analytics to assist customers in making superior decisions in the supervision of the supply chain to minimise spoilage, protect and boost their brand identity.


This startup is known for developing the “full-stack AgriTech” which delivers SaaS solutions to agribusinesses across the globe. The startup provides advanced solutions like big data analysis, AI, machine learning and remote sensing to help clients understand and interpret data to collect real-time activities on existing crops. The company focuses on digitalisation, yielding, predictability and durability of the agriculture industries.


Intello Labs

This Bengaluru-based AgriTech startup provides agriculture product grading through user quality analysis of images of food products in an accurate and reliable way to grade fresh products. The other technology provides alerts on crop infestation which uses the farmers clicked photographs to understand the pests, diseases and weeds that are growing in their farms. The company leverages advanced analytic tools and methodologies such as deep learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision, IoT and big data to build product-based solutions for business clients.

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