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5 Popular Job Titles In Data Engineering You Should Know About

5 Popular Job Titles In Data Engineering You Should Know About

Machine Learning and Data Science will be going to dominate in the future. With the increasing volume of data, organisations are opening positions in the field of machine learning and data science. In this article, we will list down five popular jobs around data engineering along with few current openings.

1| Data Architect

Job Role: The role of a data architect defines how the data will be stored, consumed, integrated as well as managed by various data entities and IT systems. They basically build complex computer database systems for the enterprises and work with the team who look after the needs of the database, which are available and needs to be maintained, etc. Some of the responsibilities include such as provide direction to solution analysts and developers, ensure models have integrated appropriately across subject areas and transparent to business stakeholders, hands-on analysis where required to support solution analysts as appropriate.

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Prerequisites: The foremost requirement is the analytical skills, strong data modelling, and database design skills, experience in data modelling tools, understanding of architectural frameworks, etc.

Current Openings:

  • Data Architect At Intel (Bengaluru), Apply here.
  • Data Architect At Barclays (Pune), Appy here.

2| ML Engineer

Job Role: The primary role of ML engineers is to design and implement machine learning algorithms as well as work with large volumes of structured and unstructured data. You need to be able to design and develop high quality, production-ready code which can be used by the users of cloud platform in an organisation. You will be responsible to deliver the models in the environment with the focus of using machine learning techniques in order to monitor, manage and improve the data quality.

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Prerequisites: Strong experience in a statistical language such as Python, R, etc. knowledge of ML concepts, experience with a large volume of datasets and distributed computing, knowledge in data mining techniques, etc.

Current Openings:

  • Machine Learning Engineer At ZS Firm (Pune), Apply here.
  • ML Engineer At American Express (Bengaluru), Apply here.

3| Data Warehouse Engineer

Job Role: The role of a data warehouse engineer is to look after the full back-end development of the data warehouse and is also responsible for ETL processes, performance administration, dimensional design, etc, of the table structure. They work closely with the data scientists, data engineering teams, data analysts, etc.

Prerequisites: The requirements include strong knowledge and understanding of SQL Server, SSIS, Azure DW, Azure data factory, etc., Provide day-to-day support of the data warehouse and troubleshoots the existing process, improve and organise data accuracy, creates and supports ETL to facilitate the accommodation of data, etc.

Current Openings:

  • Data Warehouse Engineer At Epicor (Bengaluru), Apply here.

4| Technical Architect

Job Role: As a technical architect, you will be responsible for breaking down the large projects into manageable pieces, you will define the overall structure of a system and aim at improving the business of an organisation. You will determine which IT product should be used in order to analyse the cost-benefit in an organisation.

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Prerequisites: Thee requirements include proficiency in databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, knowledge of SQL, MDX, T-SQL, DDL, DML, etc., hands-on experience with software development and system administration, experience in project management and SOA, etc.

Current Openings:

  • Technical Architect At PayPal (Chennai), Apply here.
  • Technical Architect At Nokia (Bengaluru), Apply here.

5| Solutions Architect

Job Role: The role of a solution architect is to lead the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a specific solution. They are responsible for finding the best solution to solve the business problems, providing specifications for defining the solutions as well as managed and delivered, ensuring a good quality solution, implemented as per the architecture defined, supporting the build and the operation, and conducting quality and architecture reviews at key checkpoints in the Solution Architecture Development Lifecycle, etc.

Prerequisites: The requirements include understanding and application of the ITIL framework, understanding of Software Development Life-Cycle, depth mastery of essential, holistic ECM concepts, knowledge of Enterprise Content Management(ECM) solutions, etc.  

Current Openings:

  • Solution Architect At Novartis (Hyderabad), Apply here.
  • Solution Architect At Boeing (Bengaluru), Apply here.
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