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5 Popular Robotics Competition For Students & Science Enthusiasts In India

5 Popular Robotics Competition For Students & Science Enthusiasts In India

As the Indian IT landscape readies itself to embrace industry 5.0, robotics and automation have become the focal point for industries. As the demand for the jobs in the field has been witnessing a steady spike, the number of takers for the courses at the college-levels have increased double in recent times.

As a technology which is all set to shake the industry-floors and workspaces of tomorrow, the curiosity and inquisitiveness have trickled down to young school-going students, with students as young as a six-year-old enrolling in robotics training institutes to master the art.

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For this very reason, the number of avenues for students to exhibit their robotics skill, creativity and innovations have increased with time, with these competitions giving away handsome price as a reward for their out-of-the-box thinking.

From engineering institutes to robotics events organised by the Indian STEM Foundation, we take a look at the top five robotics competitions for students.

WRO India: World Robot Olympiad India (WRO India) is one of the largest Robotics competitions in India held since 2006. It is a not-for-profit competition organized by India STEM Foundation

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Who can participate:  Students between the age group of 9 to 25 years

Challenges: Regular, WEDO, Open categories, WRO Football, Advanced Robotics Challenge and WRO Brick Set

When is it happening: July-August 2019 (Tentative dates)

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Technician: Is a global platform where the participants in different competitions related to innovation, robotics, automation and many other fascinating challenge-based engineering competitions.

Who can participate: From school students to undergraduate students

Challenges: Junior Robo Race, Senior Robo Race, Fastest Line Follower, Robo War etc

When is it happening: 13th to 15th September 2019 in New Delhi

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SP Robotics Works: Is India’s first robotics premier league where 50 Robotics teams across India fight it out to clinch the Robotics Championship. The programme encourages innovation in design among young maker’s and provides them with a platform to showcase their talent.

Who can participate: For School and College students

Challenges: Robo Soccer, Self-Driving Car Challenge and Save the City Challenge

When it happened: 06, January 2019


Robots at War : Apogee is BITS Pilani’s technical competence. For this year’s robotics competition, the participants had to design a remote-controlled robot to combat with the opponents.

Who can participate: College students

Challenges: The machine had to fit in a box of dimension 750 mm x 750 mm x1000 mm at any given point during the match and should not exceed 50 kg of weight including the weight of pneumatic source/tank. The challenge is to immobilize the opponents

When is it happened: 28th-31st March 2019


Robotfest: Is an autonomous robotics programme for students and its  mission is to generate excitement among young people for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Who Can Participate:  Students in 4th grade through college

Challenges: Bottle Sumo, Binary Block and VCC

When it happened:  7th April 2019

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