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5 Reasons Why One Should Learn Cyber Security In 2019

5 Reasons Why One Should Learn Cyber Security In 2019

In this Internet-driven era, DDoS, data breaches and leaks, malware, ransomware etc. have become some of the common terms. Over the past few years, the rate of cyber-attacks has increased so much that according to a report, in January 2019 alone, 1.76 billion records were leaked — it has completely reached a whole new level. Even, some of the big names such as Adobe, Sony, Facebook have fallen prey to notorious cyber-attacks.

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Given the spate of cyber attacks, organisations across the world have started to take cybersecurity more seriously than ever. From hardware to software, organisations are working day in and out to stay safe for cyber threats.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should learn Cyber Security

High Demand For Cyber Security Experts

Cybersecurity today is one of the hottest career options. And with every advancement in the technology as well as in the Internet space, the demand cybersecurity experts across the globe is increasing at a rapid pace. Also, it needs a massive amount of knowledge to become a cybersecurity expert in order to handle some of the sophisticated threats. The more knowledge you have, the more chance you have of getting hired as a cybersecurity expert.

Furthermore, the cyber domain has different roles that need to be played by different experts from the field. Some of the cybersecurity job roles are Security analyst, security architect, Security consultant etc., and all these job roles over the years have become critical for organisations.

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Higher Paycheck Compared To Other IT Roles

Exposure and knowledge are definitely there when it comes to learning cybersecurity, however, paychecks also matter when it comes to career. While job roles like data scientists are already considered to be high paying, cybersecurity experts are also not behind when it comes to salary.

As we have mentioned earlier, about the demand for experts when the security infrastructure of an organisation is concerned, companies across the globe are spending a massive amount of money to hire the best talent. So, if you are considering a high paying job then cybersecurity is something that you should definitely learn and gain significant knowledge and expertise.

That is not all, there is something bug bounty — to earn money in the field of cyber security you don’t even need to join a firm. There are numerous bug bounty programs across the globe and most of them are high paying. If you are a cybersecurity expert or an individual with significant knowledge of the cybersecurity domain, then do try out some of the security bug bounty programs.

Cyber Security Domain Is Booming

In this ever-evolving technology era, space is not only transforming but the technology continues to become sophisticated and hackers across the world are finding ways to compromise these sophisticated technologies.

As cyber attacks get more sophisticated, the job role of a cybersecurity expert will be there, mitigating and eliminating the cyber-attacks.

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Being A Cyber Security Expert Is Intriguing

Are you fascinated by the concept of being a cyber-hero? Are you a fan of the series “Mr Robot”? If yes, then cybersecurity could be your field of work. This might sound like movie-ish, however, there are people who really want to spend their time-fighting cybercrime.

Cybersecurity companies and individuals have time and again defended the privacy of many people across the globe. And in this era, where cyber threats are increasing, the world needs cyber heroes. There are many white hat hackers across the world who proactively help companies fight cyber-attack, not because they expect to get paid for that, but they focus more on mitigating cyber-attacks.

Word to the wise: If you are someone from the field of cybersecurity and want to utilize your skills of combating cyber-attacks, then you can always keep an eye on companies who don’t have strong security infrastructure and help them. This is sheer satisfaction of doing a rewarding job and making a real difference.

Opportunity To Work With High-Profile Agencies

When you are cybersecurity personnel, you would definitely focus on landing a job in one of the biggest companies in the world. However, that is not something every security expert wants; many cybersecurity experts across the world want to work for agencies such as CBI, NSA etc.  but that is not something easy to achieve — one has to be exceptionally brilliant and should have the complete knowledge of each and everything about cybersecurity.

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