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5 Reasons Why The Who’s Who Of Analytics Industry Are Attending MachineCon 2019

5 Reasons Why The Who’s Who Of Analytics Industry Are Attending MachineCon 2019

Akshaya Asokan

The second edition of MachineCon, Analytics India Magazine’s annual gathering for analytics and data science leaders will be held on May 24 and 31st in Mumbai and Singapore. Hosted in Southeast Asia and India, the invite-only conference will feature some of the top leaders from analytics and AI domain.

A one-kind-a-event networking event to be held in India, Machine Con 2019 will see the gathering of industry stalwarts under one roof, where AIM plans to set the agenda for analytics adoption in the country, discuss the road map for stakeholders and lay down the blueprint for the upcoming year.

In this article, we bring to you the top reasons why you should attend the event and what will be the biggest take away for you.

Network with Analytics leaders: MachineCon 2019, which will be held in two different locations will honour as many as 100 analytics leaders from both India and Singapore. By bringing together these stalwarts from across the analytics realm, the event should be the ideal location for any AI, data science and machine learning enthusiast to head to, as it would greatly help them to network,  meet new leaders and connect with their peers.

Learn from the industry leaders: Along with commemorating achievements of analytics leaders, MachineCon 2019 will also be a celebration of ideas where the top 100 analytics leaders bring with their expertise, knowledge and decades of industry experience. With an array of speakers lined for the event, MachineCon 2019 will be where ideas will merge with expertise. If you wish to learn from the best, know about the latest developments in the field and update your knowledge, MachineCon 2019 will be the right platform to do so.

Stay abreast of the latest trends: As one of the fastest evolving sectors, the analytics industry is no stranger to the latest tech developments. As each day progresses, most likely you will be caught off-guard if your peers happen to talk about a new tool or software that is presently available in the market. This is where conferences like this would come in handy, along with designated speakers enlightening you with the current best practices and about their future plans, you are more likely to learn a thing or two just by having a chit-chat with other attendees.

Improve your scope for hiring: As much it is about giving, it is also about taking, that is, while your intentions will be to network, put forward your ideas and be heard among your peers, the platform can serve as the right avenue for you to meet your potential recruiters and know about the latest job opportunities in the analytics world. As an industry to which buying out, existing and hiring is as common as day and night, you are sure to find about the latest job opportunities and may be hired.

By interacting and conversing with industry folks, not only will you widen your network, but it also gives you an opportunity to be visible, thus increasing the scope for being recruited.

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Improve your leadership skills: One of the common aspirations among any corporate employee will be to climb up the corporate ladder. Even though hard work and skills can determine your ability to a large extent, your ability to network, delegate and assume responsibility also plays a crucial role in helping you progress in your career. Hence, avenues like Machine Con 2019, is the best way to network, learn from the best and to share your thoughts, which in the long run will shape your career.

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