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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up The Data Science Mentoring Sessions

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up The Data Science Mentoring Sessions

AIM Mentoring Circle, an initiative by Analytics India Magazine is an open and free platform that connects aspiring data scientists with the experts in the industry, benefiting them in the long run. The initiative invites anyone who thinks they don’t know everything in data science to make the most of the knowledge assimilation. While it requires the mentor to have 5 years of experience as a data scientist to register as a mentor for the program, anyone with a keen interest in pursuing data science as a career can enrol to be a mentee. With this unique mentor-mentee program in the offering, we bring 5 reasons why you should register as a mentee. 

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One-to-one sessions with the best data science mentors in the industry: The AIM Circle offers the best-in-class mentorship by the leading and the most experienced data science professionals in the country. With at least more than a minimum of five years of experience in the domain, they have the best possible resources and experience to benefit anyone interested in making a career in data science. Finding guidance and a good mentor is always a struggle for newbies or for anyone looking to make a career transition, and this platform is the best place to get a hold of tailor-made guidance to make a mark in the industry. The platform allows the mentee to connect on one-to-one basis with the appropriate mentor to kick start the data science career.

Top 5 data science mentors in India.

Increased exposure to the data science community: AIM Mentoring Circle is a community-based mentoring program that not only exposes data science, professionals and enthusiasts, to best mentors but also provides an opportunity to network with them. It provides an excellent platform to connect with a growing and geeky community. It is designed to encourage and support mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships between data scientists. While seeking career-related advice from experienced mentors, it is an excellent opportunity to find ways to engage with people and grow your network. 

Develop required skill sets: Joining the mentorship circle exposes participants with one of the largest mentorship networks, providing them with an excellent opportunity to learn the skills that are most in-demand in the industry. With the most experienced professionals as mentors, it provides an excellent platform to upskill and launch a professional career with their expertise. The mentors are equipped with the best tools and techniques in the AI, data science and machine learning field, exposing mentees to industry-relevant skill-building sessions. It also exposes mentees to the real-world applications of data science tools, helping them be updated in the domain. 

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Feedback on growth and development: AIM Mentoring Circle not only guides the newbies to establish a career in data science but helps ambitious working professionals who are stuck in their careers overcome their career-lag. The mentors with the AIM Mentoring Circle helps the professionals overcome fear and frustration and guide them with the right steps to establish themselves in the competitive field. The one-on-one coaching with the data science expert professionals exposes mentees to self-assessment sessions and feedback to help them be on the right career track. 

Speed up the data science career: AIM Mentoring Circle leads mentees to have discussions with their mentors on themes including academic success and preparing data scientists with career growth. Mentors also help them find the right job and gain work experience, thus helping mentees speeding up the process of career development. The program allows mentees to seek help from mentors to define personal goals, increase social and academic confidence, help them learn from their experiences and help them make strategies to excel in the field. 

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