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5 Things You Need To Make The Most Of plugin

5 Things You Need To Make The Most Of plugin

plugin, our upcoming virtual AI conference is scheduled to be held on 28-29 May 2020. With a slew of global speakers that are going to talk at the conference, it is one of the biggest online conferences in the industry. Though it is a virtual conference, it promises to offer the same experience as in-person conferences that we have hosted in the past. With 3 parallel sessions across 2 days, it will have keynotes, tech talks and workshops covering all the latest trends in the data science industry.

7 reasons why you should attend plugin.

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While communicating in physical conferences is not so much of a task, attending a virtual conference requires little extra thought and preparation. Here we bring 5 things that you will need to make this virtual conferencing a great experience.

Good internet connection: This goes without saying that a good and high-speed internet connection is a must to make the most of virtual conferencing. To let the sessions be uninterrupted and be able to engage in live sessions and chats with the speakers and fellow attendees, high-speed internet is a must-have.

Audio and video setups are done correctly: Since the sessions will have both audio and video features, it is important to make sure that laptop setups are in place to ensure that both work fine. It will be helpful to know which applications need to be turned on or turned off during conference sessions to make it work best. It is also recommended to have headphones or earphones to make the experience more conducible. 

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Familiarity with the platform on which a virtual conference will be hosted: The details of the platform would be shared with the attendees one week prior to the conference so that it is downloaded well in advance and attendees get a chance to be familiar with operating the virtual platform. It is advisable to start exploring it as soon as the link is received to avoid unnecessary lags on the first session of the first day that you attend. It is also necessary to have the required space in the system for the platform to run in an uninterrupted way.

Power backup to attend the conference uninterrupted: With back to back sessions that will be hosted on 2 days, there is a lot of content that is going to be generated. There are many interesting sessions by some of the renowned speakers of the analytics industry and to ensure that you listen to the session of your choice without any interruption, a power backup while not necessary, will be highly useful to not miss out on any good session. 

Minimize distractions: It is very easy to get distracted being at home with other family members at home and a lot of other tasks at hand. Let the family members know about the conference and ask them not to disturb for as long as you want to attend the sessions. 

plugin will have a lot of interactive features such as chats, live Q&A, raising hands, among others. Take advantage of these features and make the most of this networking opportunity with fellow attendees and speakers. 

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