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5 Tips To Get Beginners Started With SQL

5 Tips To Get Beginners Started With SQL

For every business a database is critical and in order to manage data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple tasks with ease, a database management system (DBMS) is imperative. However, having a DBMS doesn’t end the story, in order to make the most out of a DBMS, every company needs professionals with top-notch SQL skills. When it comes to programming, one cannot deny the fact of how important SQL (structured query language) is. This domain-specific language time and again proved its capabilities of managing data.

Today, with business enterprises getting more data-driven, and most database management systems are powered by SQL, SQL skills can get one hired. As new companies are gathering more and more information and technology continues to evolve, it is becoming imperative for SQL programmers to up their SQL programming skills to the next level. If you are someone who is from the field of SQL then, here are some of the ways you can upgrade your skills and write better queries.

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

Go Over The Basic Concepts Of SQL

Many of you might actually relate to this point as it is the most common one. Every programmer at some point in his/her life rethinks about the basics they learned when they were starting out. Technology is ever-evolving, and to keep up with that, you have to keep learning — the process never stops.

Whether its Database Fundamentals or Database Design to SQL Basics, make sure you are clear completely with the basics (commands and queries). If you want to have one more look at the fundamentals of database and SQL, there are a number of resources available both offline and online Guru 99, Tutorials Point, GeeksForGeeks are some of the online resources where you can easily find the topic you want to clear.

Also, make sure that every time you clear a basic concept, don’t forget to have a look at different examples. It gives you the idea of where to exactly use a particular type of query or command.

Gain The Most Out Of These Free Learning Resources

Every programmer would agree to this that practice is one of the best ways to polish and up your coding skills. And when it comes to SQL, you need to have experience with tools that refine your skills. If you are getting started with SQL and done with your theory phase, its high time to get started with some coding.

The internet is loaded with several platforms that allow you to get your hands on SQL programming. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • W3Schools: This platform is basically focused on the basics and foundation. If you are in the very-beginner phase, you can definitely give w3schools’ SQL practice platform.
  • SQLZoo: Since its inception, SQLZoo has gained tremendous popularity. From lessons to quizzes to challenges, SQLZoo is a one-stop-shop for SQL enthusiasts.
  • W3resources:  It is again one of the platforms to practice SQL coding. The platform has a lot of exercises that coders can try and practice.

Also, the internet is not the only place where you can only practice. You can always get yourself a free version or a licensed version of any DBMS. Install and start coding. Unlike your workplace systems, in your own PC, you can download sample databases and try out different things and play around.  

Word to the wise: Once you are done with your theory and practice, try to take up some high-level SQL quizzes on the internet. It would give you an overview of what all you have learn and what are the concepts you need to clear again.

Participate In Hackathons

Hackathons are also one of the ways to gain a lot of knowledge and polish your skills. They not only let you solve problems and challenges but also helps you think out of the box solutions, which is a significant factor for a SQL programmer. That is not all, there are some hackathons that not only rewards you for being a winner but also provides you with opportunities to get hired by some of the reputed companies from all across the world.

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Attend Conferences And Workshops

Apart from studying and practicing, one should also consider attending workshops and conferences. Why? Because, it is always imperative for a programmer to know what is happening outside his office cubicle, what other companies are doing and what are all the new technologies that have emerged recently. That is not well, many speakers also present different uses cases and that is what every SQL programmer should keep an eye one.  When you are presented with different use cases, it helps you understand what ways you can leverage the same.

Also, you can always find talks of videos from different conferences on the internet. Do consider watching some of the videos.

Working For Startups Can Be A Good Entry Point

There are many small companies that face a lot of database issues and in order to manage their budget, they always seek freelancers to fix their problems. This could be a great opportunity for SQL programmers. When you work for real-time problems or challenges you gain a significant amount of knowledge. That is not all, these kinds of opportunities also add a lot of value to your CV.

So, if you have a good amount of knowledge on databases and SQL, try to get work experience by joining a startup as an entry point. Reach out to small-sized companies and this would help gain relevant experience but also give you a view of the ways companies across the world are leveraging SQL.

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