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5 Ways AI Is Used By Lawmakers For Crime Prevention In India

5 Ways AI Is Used By Lawmakers For Crime Prevention In India

AI is set to revolutionise the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools in India. Some of the recent applications of AI are in the area of fingerprint analysis, recreating a face from the skull, creating images from pieces, and modern forensic methods.

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In this article, we list 5 ways AI is being used by lawmakers for crime prevention in India:

1| PAIS, Punjab Police’s AI-Based Facial Recognition System

Punjab police started using PAIS, Punjab Police AI-based facial recognition System with options like face search, text search, etc. and a database with more than 100,000 records of criminals housed in jails across Punjab. The motive behind this app is to click an image with their smartphones when confronted with a suspect. Staqu Technologies built the police app which leverages facial recognition to create a face’s unique map. The Punjab police department bagged the FICCI Smart Policing Awards 2018 for using PAIS.  

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2| Investigation With AI Powered Equipments In Cuttack

In a report from last month, the state police of Bhubaneswar decided to use AI and mobile computing in order to improve the analysis of crime data. AI is used to generate data of checklist for the investigation officers.

Director General of Police, R P Sharma said, “We will start using AI from next year. The technology will guide investigating officers on procedures of investigation. If any officer commits any procedural mistakes, AI will immediately issue an alert. It will help officers make a quick and accurate search of a particular crime and its modus operandi, similarity between offences at different places and details about arrested persons from our digital database”.

3| Use of AI Powered Face Recognition App To Solve Criminal Cases

Trinetra, an AI-enabled application that contains a database of approximately 5 lakh criminals and facial recognition features were launched by UP police chief O. P. Singh during a conference at annual police week held in UP 100 headquarter in December 2018. The database includes criminal records of state police, records of the prison department and GRP (railway network guards).

4| India’s First Police State, Andhra Pradesh

In July 2018, Andhra Pradesh launched e-Pragati, a searchable database of millions of people residing in Andhra Pradesh that contains the e-KYC authentication Aadhaar numbers. Any information from the data can be easily searched in the control room opposite Chief Minister C. Naidu’s office for real-time governance. The surveillance system was set up for many reasons and one of the main reasons is to lower the crime rate in the state.

5| Delhi Police To Use AI Centre To Handle Crimes

According to this report, Delhi police will be assisted in cyber policing and social media analysis by Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) to set an artificial intelligence-equipped centre. The centre will assist the Delhi police department for criminal identifications, biometrics, law and order management, cyber policing, etc.with the help of technologies of artificial intelligence, social media analysis, big data, image processing, etc.

Besides this, the AI- enabled centre, Delhi police also aimed to install AI-enabled advanced traffic management system. High-resolution cameras with sensor-based real-time traffic volume count technology will be installed on the roads. In a report, the special commissioner of police (Traffic) Dependra Pathak, who is also the city traffic police chief, confirmed that his department has started work on this futuristic project. “High-resolution cameras with sensor-based real-time traffic volume count technology will first be placed on all arterial roads. Around 7,000-8,000 cameras with multidirectional infrared and colourless laser sensors will count the volume based on image pattern analysis. At every signal, we will also have IP based public address system. Through the cameras, we will see the traffic and also communicate with the drivers who are on move or at signals using the PA system.”

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